Friday, 15 March 2013

I am confused about this whole GFC i have just looked on Blogger Buzz and there is absolutely nothing to suggest that GFC will be going on the 1st of July. Which makes me feel as though maybe there's a little rumour going round. If anyone as a link to suggest other wise, i would like to see it. Click here to see what i found. But according to Google information wrote 28th of November 2012 they wrote:

p.s. Those of you with the Google Friend Connect followers gadget can keep using it, if you like. We retired most of Friend Connect earlier this year, but we'll keep it running on Blogger for the foreseeable future.

So in my eyes it look's like panic over. Basically Google are improving the audiences of people who have a blog via Google+ with a new followers gadget that will make your blog grow. Please click the link on the first paragraph to see more. I don't know what this means whether you lose the followers you already have and start from scratch but it's up to you whether you wish to do it or not. However if you are totally unsure due to the rumours, if they are rumours because i haven't seen correct information saying this is the case i would advise you to connect to Bloglovin' or get Twitter to stay in contact with your followers and them in contact with you.

Hope this helps 

Just found more information Google+ improves your audience by letting people share your blog in their circle on google+ there is no need to panic what so ever because your followers will stay and you can have both GFC and Google+ gadget on your blog. More information here.

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