Saturday, 23 March 2013

It's My Birthday

Arrrgghhh i am 22 today. The year went by extremely fast, too fast. In fact the last five have seemed to have flown by so quickly it's scary. Last year i was surrounded by family, enjoying my 21st birthday meal in a restaurant where i received beautiful gifts and my treasured Barbie (don't ask) and a chorus of the Happy Birthday song sang by a very packed restaurant. The shame!! This time it will be a quieter occasion, mainly taking my kids to the indoor play area and having a mcdonalds treat. I am writing this in advance Tuesday the 19th to be exact due to my broken charger and i know i am going to get spoilt with some beautiful gifts because i know what i am getting. My boyfriends taking me on a shopping spree also on the 6th of April due to us having a busy Easter plus work. Which i am really looking forward too. Being almost 22 i have thought about what have achieved up until now and the direction i want my life to go. And i can't wait in a few years time to take a new direction, face new challenges and start an incredible new journey. I also want to thank anyone who ever took the time to read my blog posts whether your a follower or not, i really appreciate it and so incredibly grateful to you all. Have met some wonderful, inspirational people along the way of my blogging journey and i can't believe how truly talented you all are. Huge thanks to my new followers too and almost at 100 which is great. Remember to follow me via Bloglovin' and Twitter.

A little reminder about my give-away if you haven't already entered. Click 
here. There is also a button on my home page so it's a little easier to find.

I will do a haul because i know how everyone loves seeing what gifts people have received or maybe that's just me being nosey hehe. That will come sometimes this week.

Have a great day 

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