Thursday 14 March 2013

BirchBox March 2013

Today i got the 3rd UK Birch Box. Have been impressed with all three boxes since Birch Box landed in the UK back in January and feel no need to cancel my subscription at all. I am kinda intrigued by the Glossy Box though. I love getting a little box of beauty products every month, i am quite literally like a kid with a lucky bag. 

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 This months box is Role Models

LifeStyle Extra - Lindor heart tin filled with chocolate truffles. This was a cute extra but it being in a heart tin i would of quite liked to have seen this is February's Birch Box especially considering it was Valentines Day that month. I ain't complaining though i absolutely LOVE Lindor chocolate especially these and received a box for mothers day which are almost all gone. Their a melt in your mouth chocolate and so delicious, i can't get enough of them. These cost £2.99 it's not much more for a box where you get more then just the four chocolates but really your paying more for the tin. Which i don't mind as a Lindt Lindor mega fan :)

La Sultane De Saba - Body Lotion with Aragan Oil. Birch Box say; Inspired by ancient beauty rituals of the Orient and Asia, La Sultane de saba's body lotion with rich Argan Oil sinks into skin with ease, leaving a delicate scent. Full-size £26.50 i got a 30ml sample. The smell is such a gorgeous scent, and reminds me of babies. Not the crappy nappy scent the baby shampoos and talc powder scents. I am really looking forward to using this. 

RMK - Cleansing balm. What Birch Box say; This rose-scented balm echoes your mum or grandmother's cold cream as it melts into your skin and becomes a silky liquid that removed even the stubborn make-up with ease. Apply to your skin, emulsify with wet hands, and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Full-size £29 my sample was 25g. People have really complained about this particular product mainly based on the smell and the fact they would of rather seen the beauty blender in their box. I am not doubting the beauty blender isn't one of them products that everyone wants to try, but i don't think it's right to base a product on a smell because the ingredient inside might do a fantastic job to your skin. I don't mind the smell of rose product even if it does smell a bit like your grandma but i am more interested in seeing what this can do to my facial skin. Especially considering how dry it is not to mention the break outs. I swear it's this weather and i wish it would bugger off now it's been to cold for to long.

Laura Geller - Inkwell waterproof gel liner in black. What Birch Box say; This smooth long-wearing gel eyeliner comes with a handy brush that makes it super-easy to apply. Jojoba oil and vitamin E are among the skin-loving ingredients. Full-size £24.50 (I believe i got the full size) I tried this on my arm and it feels really good and quite pigmented. Have never tried a gel liner before so this is quite exciting. I believe Laura Geller is a product from America too.

Yu-Be - Moisturizing skin cream. What Birch Box say; Don't let the primrose colour fool you - this multi-purpose medicated moisturiser is made of tough stuff. A bestseller in Japan since 1957, the comforting camphot scent magically disappears about a minute after application, but leaves you with super-soft skin. Full-size £19.50. I got a super tiny size but enough for a few tiny little patches of skin on various occasions. I am excited to also give this a try due to my dry skin, which it's suppose to be good for. I did have a little dab of it on my arm and i agree it's super soft and disappears almost instantly without a trace into the skin. The smell reminds me of them medical herb shops that are Chinese i can't think of the name but they have a few dotted about the UK. I just wish it was bigger so i could get a better go of it.

Beauty Extra. Sanctuary - 30 day thermal transformation mask. What Birch Box says; The two-step process includes a peptide transformation serum and a thermal rose clay mask - follow the simple steps to reveal glowing, more youthful skin. I have absolutely loads of Sanctuary spa stuff that i got in the christmas sales, it was my first sanctuary spa products and i got the big box and i am really please i did because they smell amazing and i just love bathing/showering in them. Have never tried a mask by them before so i am looking forward to this especially considering have only ever tried one mask that doesn't feel like my skin might melt off due to the burning sensation. This is £27.50 but i got two small sachets so i may get 1 maybe 2 days at a push. 

Molton Brown - Valbonne Fragrance. What Birch Box says; Known for their gorgeous lotion and shower gel scents. Molton Brown's fine fragrance collection is predictable heavenly. Valbonne combines notes of bargamot, dewy orange flower rose, vetiver and leather for a sophisticated scent that will take you from day to night. Full-size £65.00. Woah mega expensive for a scent and i read somewhere that's for 50ml. Have never tried Molton Brown before and had loved to try the lotions and shower gel because i heard a lot of people raving about them but this perfume is not my cup of tea at all. It's quite masculine and i am glad it was only a tiny sample.

What do you think about this months box? Do you subscribe, had love to know what you got. Whether it was the same as mine or you got the beauty blunder. I personally love the contents of my box. Do you think you'll be signing up. Remember Birch Box have their own e-shop where products from each months box are available to buy full-sized.

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  1. I am eagerly awaiting a delivery for my first ever birch box! What company delivers them?

    I think the birchboxes have been wonderful since they took over from joliebox, which is why I spent the last of my birthday money on a three month subscription!

    1. It's yodel if you are expecting them stay in have not had a bad experience but have heard some of them chuck the box over huge garden walls resulting in products arriving broke. Have only heard good things about birch box where has jolie box had a few negative comments i did subscribe to jolie box at end of december though due to she said beauty recommending it when they went down the pan but got birch box as my first box, Been good to go on a journey with them from the beginning. I hope you enjoy your goodies xx

  2. Hey, I just subscribed to them because they sent me an offer of an extra box free. I'm gonna give the other one to my gran but I really hope I get the beauty blender sponge as that's what made me spend. I've really been good on not spending on myself for quite a few weeks now, just bought Garniers moisture match moisturizer from an online store called echemist , it only cost £3.89, the cheapest I've found, xoxo.

    1. I was already subscribed before my spending ban, have bought to rimmel matte powders, 1 polish 99p and a lipstick 1.99. So i am doing quite well everything else have won lol. Just open both boxes and see the contents. The beauty blender did look good. Xx

  3. I was lucky enough to get the beauty blender - was soo happy to get it in my box. I even filmed my first attempt at using it:


    1. Ohh i will after check that out. Had love to see how it works. Thanks for sharing :) x


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