Thursday 14 March 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer | Apocoliptic

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer is another of the products i was fortunate to win in the Rimmel hamper i received. I got the shade Apocoliptic, this was a change for me because it isn't at all a shade i would of gone for. Apocoliptic is a vibrant deep in your face shade of red/pink, the picture i took of the swatch doesn't really do it much justice but it's so much brighter in person then it looks on the photo and i suggest you have a look around at other peoples swatches too. Rimmel Apocalips isn't exactly brand new anymore and have seen them knocking about on almost everyone's blog for a little while now, and people are raving about them and i know exactly why. Apocalips aren't your typical lipgloss they have waved goodbye to the stickiness and introduced a glossy lipstick sort of feel, it's highly pigmented, feels really moisturising on the lips and it slides on perfectly. However on application i find to be faced with too much product and find myself smudging quite a small dot on my bottom lip and spreading it all over my lips quite like you would with vasaline lip balm, seems a waste using so much product when a little goes along way. The smell isn't absolutely awful it being wearable and you can't smell it when it's applied to the lips it's just on opening it but it does remind me of the paints you use to have at school in art lol. On a positive note the wand is one of the best have seen really soft and not hard like typical lip gloss wands. Despite having a slight problem with this typical shade, i would buy in another shade because over all i do love this product. My mum says i suit this shade but personally i think it's great for a night out just to bright for day time wear and i prefer more neutral tones or lighter shades of red.

There are eight shades available in the Apocalips collection including Apocoliptic. They are -


Celestial (I want this one)
Big Bang
Apocoliptic (One above)

They cost £5.99 each. 3 for 2 on Rimmel products at Superdrug if you want to stock up.
Some lovely swatches here over at Katie's Beauty Blog. Check her out.

What shades do you own, what's your favourite or what shades would you like to get your hands on if you haven't already got it?


  1. Your mums right, it does suit you, xoxo.

    1. Thanks. I think its hard to tell on the picture lol. My mum said i suit it with full make up due to having some colour to my face. But not so much without because i am a paley as in milk bottle xx


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