Tuesday 26 March 2013

What I Got For My Birthday

Firstly had like to apologise for the quality of these pictures. I took them last night so their not brilliant. They were quickly done, because i am really ill, still am today and i have a temperature. I feel awful. I literally have know energy. Feel free to enlarge the picture by clicking on it.

I was very fortunate to be gifted some beautiful gifts. 

What i got:

Urban Decay Roller Girl Nail Kit
Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Box 1
Urban Decay Roller Girl Palette
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Stash

All can be found here.

Skagen Denmark watch

Dainty Doll make up
I'm so pretty eyeliner pencil
Clear Lipgloss
Good Gosh Miss Molly duo mascara/liquid eyeliner
It's My Party Lipstick 
 I also got a cream blush, i ordered this from amazon and despite it being marked as Orange country girl, they send me my girl and it was broken slightly. I am hoping to order orange country girl because it's such a beautiful shade. 

Nail art stamp kit

Motel Rocks dress. The picture doesn't do much justice you can find it in another post here. 

Lindt Lindor chocolates. This is my third box this year. Best chocolate ever.


New Look Voucher

Fiorelli bag can be found here.
I got black but it's also available in two other colours. I absolutely love this bag, it's spacious and as loads of little compartments making it really easy to find stuff. It can be a grab bag or a throw over your body bag.

Five year engagement dvd
Bridesmaids dvd

I got some money and went on a little shopping spree, i wasn't feeling too bad but as the day went on i got worse and worse. 

I bought
The Romantics - Josh Duhamel hmmmm :) 

I bought some 2in1 make up remover

Soap & Glory Scent - Sationalism Gift Set  

Soap & Glory The daily smooth dry skin formular body butter mini 50ml. My plan was to just get the soap & glory trio of scents but it was only £8.50 and there was an offer if you spent over a tenner you got a free tub of soap & glory butter yourself body cream worth £10.50 for 300ml. This is soap & glory's newest product and it smells amazing.
I also got three nail polishes
Barry M Hi Shine gel effect nail polish in lilac
Barry M effect polish in Ridley Road 
and one of the new Models Own Bubblegum neon polishes that you keep in the fridge.

I saved loads of money due to all the offers on 3 for 2 etc.

My brother also ordered me two jumpers from Ax Paris on Sunday so just waiting for them to come. You can find them here and here. 

Have still got some money left and i am unsure how to spend it along with my new look voucher. My boyfriend is taking me Trafford on the 6th of next month on a mini spree.  I am a total DVD addict so he's treating me to some more DVD's because i have a huge list of ones i need to buy and he's getting me some Lush goodies too.

There you have it. I get too spoilt. But really am grateful. I haven't gone into to much detail about anything because i will real soon, in individual posts when i am feeling much better. I promise the pictures will be better too so you can see them properly.


  1. Wowee what a load of lovely lovely things, how lucky!

    The Butter yourself cream isn't new, I don't think, it's been around a while :)

    Hope you feel better soon xx

    1. I was very fortunate. Soap and glory have a few body butters. Have had two of the same tub but the one that was free was a different one. It said New on top of the lid.

      Thanks i feeling a little bit okay, probably because paracetamols kicked in. xx

    2. Aye I know, it's because everything in their fruitigo fragrance says its new but it hasn't been in a while :) I've never had much of the fruitigo range, is it nice?

      Ahh well hopefully it'll go away altogether soon xx

    3. Alright, i didn't pay much attention to the ranges i just buy their products every now and again. I haven't used any yet but i love their body butters so if this is like them i am sure i will love it. It smells divine though. And for a freebie it was worth spending the extra £2.50. I am still using the body butter from christmas 2011 takes ages to use a tub.

      Hopefully xx

    4. Oh it's an amazing offer for sure, especially as you wanted to get the fragrannces anyway (Think you'll love them too, they're soo good) - I'm a bit og an s+g addict, have more stuff of theirs than is healthy, but luckily it means it'll easily last me through this no buying time :D I think the butters are some of my favourites, righteous butter is definitely one of my top products ever, though do want to try the new cakey fragranced one sometime , that range is pretty astounding xx

    5. I tend to get soap and glory for christmas. I don't stock up on it because for the last two years have got them big bags full of soap and glory goodies. The first time i got the big soap and glory kit it came with one of the scents it last me a year then i ran out so i decided to get the trio have not tried one of the scents but i had a sneaky smell of the one in the white bottle because my sister had it. The pink one is heavenly. I think i will have a pamper with all my soap and glory products in a minute and a lovely bath. I am sure it will make me feel slightly better :) xx

    6. The Christmas sets are fab, I had right problems getting mine thanks to silly delivery people but got it in the end.

      Sounds likev a very good idea! Xx

  2. Great gifts hun, I'm also looking forward to your mini spree post lol. Btw I bought that garnier make up remover recently off superdrug too lol, I thinks its alright, takes longer then other products to remove mascara, xoxo.

    1. I can't wait to get them out of the packet and have a proper play and do some posts. I haven't really touched them with being ill. I don't usually use make up remover i just wash it off with soap and water etc. I am only getting a few bits from lush have got so much bath stuff its unreal xx

  3. I have the Urban Decay Deluxe Palette as well and I love it! Great range of gifts girlie!(:


    1. It does look great. I can't wait to do some swatches xx


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