Sunday 10 March 2013

Barry M Haul & Promo Code

I am back with my second competition win this month because it finally arrived in the post yesterday. The parcel was HUGE due to the poster being really big. I am really happy to have won these competitions because it's helped a lot with my spending ban receiving new products have never tried before. If you want see the rimmel haul click here. Of course i am still to talk about them in detail which i will so look out for that in the near future. Before i write about what i got i just want to wish all the UK mummies a Happy mothers day, i hope you have a relaxing day (if you can without the kids jumping all over you) and get truly spoilt. 

Here's what i got from Barry M

Please click pictures to enlarge.

Barry M make up, Beautiful creatures poster signed by Alden Ehrenreich who plays Ethan Wate and Alice Englert who plays Lena Duchannes. And two tickets to watch whatever film i wish. Originally it was suppose to be to go and see Beautiful Creatures but had already watched it before i won the competition. 

Lip paint 162 Cranberry Red - £4.49
 Lip Gloss wand 2 Toffee - £4.49

Lash Modelling Extra black mascara - £6.19
Instant Nail effects foil 320 gold & 319 silver - £3.99 each.
Natural Dazzle matte bronzing powder - £5.99
Bold waterproof eyeliner black - £3.99

Single Pressed eyeshadow - £4.49 each.
Eyeshadow 4 Purple
Eyeshadow 6 Green
Eyeshadow 2 Black

You can buy everything at Barry M online
and probably at most boots & superdrug stores.
For 25% off Barry M online put code AX25 valid until 20th of March.

I got a lovely selection. If you have watched beautiful creatures you will notice the film is quite dark in a gothic sort of way and the make up selection i got i think is inspired by the film with some neutral shades in there also. Look out for reviews at these and Rimmel Haul coming soon.


  1. Oh wow what fab win! Lucky lucky you, enjoy your prizes!

    I've just started entering competitions more often but dont have the time to enter as many as I find, I just hope I get some of the same good luck you have had :D

    1. I know the first one was due to my mascara review they thought it was good. Both were totally unexpected but i am ever so grateful for winning them saves me a load of money that i prefer to spend on the kids. I enter loads when ever i have the laptop out. You after be in it to win it i wish you lots of luck xx

  2. I just came over to wish you a Happy Mothers Day and you've got a new post up! You received nice goodies! I want to see some make up looks from you Missy! I've yet to see the film but really want to, I like dark films lol, xxx.

    1. Haha i will see what i can do. Thank you, Happy mothers day to you too. Yep new posts and a blog make over, took me from 6am to 1.30pm to do it and a post due to a glitch in the blog system it wouldn't go right lol xx


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