Tuesday 30 December 2014

Fairwell Blogmas: W7 Beauty Advent - Day 15 - 24

  I don't feel like I've done many 'Blogmas' posts this year, but really I've done quite a few Christmas inspired posts, I've just not put blogmas in the title. I'm sad to see blogmas is coming to an end, that Christmas is coming to an end, there's so much buzz on the build up to Christmas that it's kind of disappointing that it's all over. I still feel like I'm in a food coma, so the fact I won't be eating loads now is a bonus. This is probably the last time I mention Christmas or even Blogmas this year (except in my after Christmas purchases), so if you want to check out my Christmas post where my food coma started and where all my gifts are up then do so here. I'm a little late on the ending of my advent calendar due to the hectic time I've had at late, you can, however, see the contents day 1-7 here and 8 - 14 here.

Saturday 27 December 2014

My Christmas & Gifts

 Hello, hello, hello... I'm back with another post, an exciting one actually, or maybe that's just me. I love Christmas and writing festive posts, and this is no exception, in fact, this is my favourite kind of post. Not only do I get to share with you some sneak peaks of my Christmas but also what I received from my beautiful family. I just want to start off by saying that I am very, very grateful for everything I received and that I do have a rather large family, also, these are my favourite types of posts to read and I only hope you enjoy mine too. My Mum and step dad go kind of crazy, and my boyfriend was also very generous on the gifting front, not that I mind, I love presents. 

Just want to start off with a little update on the laptop front. I still do not know what is going on with my laptop, whether it's the actual laptop or the wire, - I have a bad feeling it's the laptop - but, on a positive note, my Mum very kindly let me borrow hers. It's nice to sit here and type this post without worrying about the wire moving slightly and shutting the laptop down completely (long story).

Thursday 25 December 2014

Christmas Wishes

Hey guys, a little bit late on the Christmas wishes bandwagon posts but I hope you've had the most amazing Christmas day so far. I've had the most wonderful day and been so spoilt, I can't explain how crazy my Mum and Step dad go with gifts and my boyfriend was ever so generous. I shall do a post on what I got soon, personally, they are my favourite posts to read and no different to an haul really. I hope some of you do them to, I love reading them and having a nosy. 

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Gemz By Emz - Review

Gemz by Emz as attracted quite the celebrity status with jewellery popping up on Coronation Street, The Xtra Factor and even on Una from The Saturdays. Each item is beautifully made by hand, and with love. I was kindly sent the above items and I was absolutely thrilled with each of them. I love my jewellery and don't own anything like what I got sent, and the statement bracelet is just beautiful and also sparkles in certain lights. There's many jewellery pieces that are really affordable and some more expensive pieces, but there's something to suit every one's budget. There's various items for both men and woman that will make the most amazing gifts for Anniversaries, Birthday's and even Christmas or just a treat for yourself.

Saturday 20 December 2014

Tanya Burr: Mistletoe Kisses

 When I saw this swatched on Tanya Burr's blog I was blown away by Mistletoe Kisses, the newest addition to the Tanya Burr cosmetic range and a limited edition lip-gloss in time for Christmas. I've not tried any of the lip glosses from Tanya's range but I was instantly drawn to the shimmer of this particular one. On ordering at Superdrug I found it had quickly gone out of stock, the only other place it's stocked is Cloud 10 with a minimum spend of £15.00 to qualify for free delivery, however, I went on Amazon and found the Cloud 10 stock list who were offering free UK delivery. I know the lip-gloss range as had some mixed reviews so, here are my thoughts on this lip-gloss.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

My Highlights | 2014 Edition

 Whilst 2014 is coming to an end and 2015 is in the mist, I think most of us have an habit of reflecting on life, the good and the bad of 2014, our New Year resolutions that we can never keep and making sure 2014 goes out with a bang. Don't pretend your not secretly looking forward to drinking a few shots come New Years Eve, or even at those Christmas parties. I recently came across a post on Fee from Makeup Savvy's blog of some of her favourites of 2014 and I thought I'd also take part, and share with you some of my most reached for makeup, films and tv series I've enjoyed watching.

Monday 15 December 2014

Makeup Revolution | Mermaids vs Unicorns - Swatched

Mermaids vs Unicorns which one will you choose? Mermaids vs Unicorns is a magical fantasy palette full of colour, shimmer and is every girls dream. The mermaid is full of shimmering greens and daring blues, whilst the unicorn is girly purples and sparkling pinks. I thought I was a mermaid but it turns out I'm definitely a unicorn, according to this palette any way. 

Sunday 14 December 2014

Sunday Blogmas | W7 Beauty Advent Calendar - Day 8 - 14

 Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts this week. Seems I've been extra busy with normal day to day things and not given my blog much love. On a positive note I've plenty of posts planned for the week ahead, starting off with my 'Blogmas Weekly'. If you haven't already, you can read my first blogmas post here where you can catch up on what I've got in my beauty advent calendar days 1-7. On to this week....

Thursday 11 December 2014

Christmas with Kate ♥ Gift Guide

This is the last of my Christmas gift guide for 2014. I've really enjoyed putting together these gift guides and will miss them, but I've also plenty of new products I'm dying to try and share with you all. I hope you've enjoyed my gift guides of 2014 and they've given you some much needed inspiration for your loved ones or yourself. I shall link all my posts from the 'Christmas with Kate' mini series at the bottom of this post. There's only 2 weeks left.

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Sunday 'weekly' Blogmas - W7 Beauty Advent Calendar 1-7

I was completely thrilled to receive this on Sunday from my Mum who kindly surprised me and my sister with the W7 beauty advent calendar. I hadn't been expecting a beauty calendar at all, though, I had hinted on many occasions. W7 is a budget beauty brand, much like Makeup Academy or Makeup Revolution, and a brand I've dipped in and out of when it comes to nail polish. It'll be a treat to try something more from them and share with you my thoughts. This post is a little later then planned but I shall be doing a weekly Sunday update of what I get until I've opened each door, so here's my first 'Sunday Blogmas' #1 on a Tuesday.

Sunday 7 December 2014

Christmas with Kate ♥ Sensationail

 Sensationail are a brand that are known for bringing a salon finish for your nails at home. Being the nail polish addict I am I were more then happy to find this under the tree last year, though, I am still questing why it's taken me almost a year to open. The deluxe starter kit (which I have) usually retails for £110.00, but occasionally you can see these in Boots for half price, especially come Christmas, unfortunately, this has already been the star buy this year. But never fear, there's a deluxe started kit retailing for £69.99 at sensationail. Contents vary from year to year with a variety of different shades.

Thursday 4 December 2014

Makeup Revolution │ All About Pink Blush Palette - New Release

 Fans of Makeup Revolution are in for a treat, tomorrow, 5th of December will see the brand expand their ever-expanding makeup line even more and add some new additions to the MUR family. You've probably seen some sneak peaks here and there, a lot of palettes and some lip products thrown into the works - both of my personal makeup favourites. Today I'm back with another Makeup Revolution newbie, a new addition to the ultra professional blush palette family, the ALL ABOUT PINK blush palette. It's a beauty!

Monday 1 December 2014

Christmas with Kate ♥ Best of British Gift Guide

Hobbs London NW3 Cecilia Dress // Daisy London Evil Eye Good Karma Chain Bracelet // 

Happy 1st of December everyone. For me, personally, apart from the joys of Christmas dinner, lots of delicious food and spending time with my loved ones there's nothing I love more then getting dressed up. Christmas is about glitz and glam, it's the time of year when all the clothes shops are full of sequins and glitter. Prints are huge right now and this dress from Hobbs shows off paisley perfectly, with an overall vintage feel. This rose gold bracelet is a beauty and don't get me started on the heels... Those heels!