Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas with Kate ♥ Sensationail

 Sensationail are a brand that are known for bringing a salon finish for your nails at home. Being the nail polish addict I am I were more then happy to find this under the tree last year, though, I am still questing why it's taken me almost a year to open. The deluxe starter kit (which I have) usually retails for £110.00, but occasionally you can see these in Boots for half price, especially come Christmas, unfortunately, this has already been the star buy this year. But never fear, there's a deluxe started kit retailing for £69.99 at sensationail. Contents vary from year to year with a variety of different shades.

The Deluxe box comes with 20 items - I only counted 10 but they must add the charger and the numerous pads for the gel cleanser. The kit was relatively easy to use. I'm in no way a beauty therapist who's amazing at nails and mine certainly weren't the neatest but I really liked the finished results, once cleaned. I did my nails using Sugar Plum, which is a lovely shade for Autumn and Winter. Drying time was so quick, just 30-60 seconds. The LED lamp could easily be used with other nail polishes for quick drying time too. The end results were amazing, a very professional gelled finish. To create the gel finish you have to switch between to numerous lotions and potions, plus the nail polish. I don't believe it took any longer then using a regular nail polish. This is a great gift for any beauty lover or nail polish addict, and really well priced. My only issue is taking it off is a nightmare and very time consuming. The brand also sell a kit that makes removing gel polish so much easier. For an event or special occasion it's definitely worth investing in, and you'll save £££ on going to the salon.

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  1. This looks great, I would definitely invest in one. xx


    1. It's shame there star gift already came and went but the alternative isn't much different in price, only £20 at most x

  2. This sounds really nice, that polish color is so pretty! I seriously need a lamp like that haha
    It's a shame it's so hard to remove the polish, I really hate doing that as it is.

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. Yeah, thay bit is a nightmare. There's lots of tips to make it an easier thing to do. Soak cotton pads in nail polish remover and wrap it around the nail and then leave for a while before removing. Google will help :) x

  3. Gel nails are so lovely, I'd love to try this kit xx

    1. They are great if they last for 2 week,saving time on preparing for all those Christmas parties x


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