Thursday 25 December 2014

Christmas Wishes

Hey guys, a little bit late on the Christmas wishes bandwagon posts but I hope you've had the most amazing Christmas day so far. I've had the most wonderful day and been so spoilt, I can't explain how crazy my Mum and Step dad go with gifts and my boyfriend was ever so generous. I shall do a post on what I got soon, personally, they are my favourite posts to read and no different to an haul really. I hope some of you do them to, I love reading them and having a nosy. 

I haven't done much blogging this week, nor have I done much reading of blogs. I was away for a long weekend and been up to my eye balls in Christmas hecticness since being back. With Christmas here, it will soon all be over, so, I was going to resume blogging on Saturday, sharing with you my last blogmas post, but it turns out that may also be taking a backseat because my laptop as broke. I know the connector has been lose for sometime so it's either that or the charger is gone. I'm hoping we get a new one or it gets repaired soon, but even that's going to be in the new year at earliest. I'm absolutely gutted. So, despite all the laptop drama I still want to deliver posts, so I'm going to take photo's on my phone bluetooth them to my tablet and write posts that way. Writing on the laptop is comsuming with photo editing and so on, but on the tablet it's going to be way longer so please bear with me. 

I hope you have an amazing Christmas break. 


  1. Merry Christmas to you too! I really hope you had a good one.
    I am putting a Christmas day post up tomorrow which will include gifts I got, the make up and clothes I wore and Christmas Dinner if you are interested in looking at it :D I would love to see what you got and I am glad you were spoiled. :) Lucky you with the boyfriend and parents ;)

  2. I love what I got for christmas posts too! Hope you had a wonderful day!

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