Saturday 11 August 2012

I have a confession - I am addicted to Nail Polish

Today i decided to go into town, i am going on holiday soon so i needed more essentials. My more essentials are foundation and a nail polish, okay i admit i did buy two but i couldn't pass the offer of two for £8.00 at boots when my nail polish was £5.99 each, meaning one cost only £2.01 bargain. I also went to buy a pair of sandals, my boyfriend thinks i am nuts as i have already packed two pair of wedges, 1 pair of heels and three pairs of flip flops in my suitcase (I don't know what the big deal is lol, they only took up half the room and some how i managed to fit majority of my clothes in) i didn't have much luck with the sandals because there are none, i only looked in one shop and its all full of autumn fashion. Anyways i see it as if i am going to wear flipflops my nails need to be perfect with a touch of sparkle. So this post if about yet another two polishes i bought on my travels to town.

Both Bourjois £5.99 Each

By the name of my blog you should all know i love sparkles, so when i came across this on my friend Becky's Blog i just knew i had to have it. This is a Bourjois 1 Seconde gel nail polish in Rainbow Apparition.
I just love how it sparkles and it really is like a rainbow. The brush was pleasantly good to use and easy to apply, the colour is lilac with splashes of rainbow spreaded through out. This looks fantastic in sunlight, so will make a lovely colour for them summer days and especially for holidays where it will sparkle and be all glittery in the sunlight. I used three coats to get it like this, on first coat its quite clear which is where the next colour comes in, so keep scrolling. 
My intention was to buy one nail polish which would look great for summer but i took advantage of the two for £8.00 at boots, plus i have an advantage card which means more points to get make up etc for free. This is Bourjois So laque in Rose Imaginaire. And the colour once again is lovely and summery. It looks pink but its quite coral in personal opinions. It's a ultra shine but i still added a clear coat for that extra shine. This once again was easy to apply and fab, i really love the Bourjois colours this was my first two pots for the company and i will buy more in the future. I usually just look on Rimmel but i will defiantly start experimenting. I really want to try the motel owns collection there's some fab polishes and glittery ones available.
Sorry its blurred.

Now how about adding both together. It took three coats of the first polish to achieve the color fully, therefore on first coat it was quite clear and could only see the rainbow sparkley bits. Therefore its clear enough to mix and match two together. Using the Second polish i painted one nail then applied the rainbow lilac polish to achieve a glittery coral. Which i think looks great. What do you think?

Loreal Paris - Revitalift

Another day, another sample.

May i add when i upload a picture post the picture i upload is usually the right way up so you can read it. But a couple of times it seems to flip the wrong way. Strange, tell me about it. So please bare with me because once uploaded i have know idea how i flip it back. So if you do please tell me the secret. Thanks x

Medium Tinted

Today i got another sample in the post. Yay. Try before i buy moment :) Loreal revitalift is a 10 repair BB cream/Foundation. If you have been following my post i have been trying quite a few BB creams lately. Majority i looked like i had been tangoed, i was impressed with a few. They were just the wrong colors. This one is Multi-Perfecting Anti-Ageing Moisturiser. I have yet to try it on my face yet but i did have a little sneak peak on my wrist as well as rubbing it, clearly couldn't wait. When i looked at it on my wrist i thought i was going to face disappointment once again with the color. But on my wrist i was quite surprised it blended with my skin tone really well and felt so smooth, in fact you could hardly tell it had any BB on. The bonus is it smells lovely as well. If it is the same on my face as it is on my wrist i will be very very happy. This also as suppose to give you perfect skin and keep you looking younger, i am only 21 and look younger then my age apparently so only time will tell haha. But i will keep you posted when i try on my face some come back soon. 

The prices range very differently

At boots it's usually £14.99 currently on offer at £9.99 (If unavailable at boots or sale ends check out its always £10.50 and its free delivery too)

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Garnier Ultralift

Garnier Ultralift - around £10 at superdrugs

I got another sample in the post today also.

14 samples for a 14 day plan.

I got these samples, i know i am only 21 and hardly got a wrinkle but i love to try new products, so sent off for this. This is a 14 day plan so that explains the 14 sachets. I have uploaded this ready for my review but i won't be reviewing it for a good 4 weeks plus. This is because 1. I am going on holiday and 2. It's a 14 day plan. Have decided to cancel my original decision of doing a day by day diary of this cream, cause to be quite frank i can't imagine a cream making much of a difference day by day but over time. Therefore when i do get round to doing it i will let you know on day 1 and comment every three days or so, i will write in my diary and then write all down in one go.

So don't worry i haven't forgot its waiting in my cupboard as we speak, sorry for taking so long. Have had a holiday and so many other products to review, plus a few exciting prospects coming my way that don't just benefit me but also you. So thank you for your patience and i will do this as soon as i have the time.

Today is your lucky day i managed to finally get round to experimenting with the garnier ultralift, wooo!! I am on day 1 so there isn't much to write, but i thought i would let you know have started my 14 trial. Of course i haven't seen no results yet but on the plus side it's a lovely soft texture and smells gorg. I hope i see some results, i am only 21 with zero wrinkles but i do have a few at the edges of my eyes when i smile so maybe this will get rid of this. Only time will tell.

Update available in a few days

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB

More Samples that came in the post this morning.

Hope it's Big enough for you to be able to read at least some of the 8 in 1


I got this in the post this morning, i love getting samples (Try before you buy) I find it so exciting. This is a 8 in 1 formula which can been seen above on the leaflet (photo) as well as a cream/foundation and even is SPF 30 protection so perfect for your holidays. This shade is light, which i happy about so i feel i could do a really good review about it, unlike my first two BB creams. I loved it, this was my fav one, i am sure it would of been Garnier if it weren't for the oily feel at the end baring in mind its suppose to be oil free. I would of loved for this one to have a lovely scent to it, but quite frankly it smelt of nothing. It blended perfectly into my skin, so you could tell it was on and it was oil free, so no shine. This is £7.99 at superdrug and is available in three other shades as well as light so that's four shades to choose from.

2012 Olympics

I am not usually a sporty person, but i couldn't help but talk about the Olympics in my blog. As i say this blog is more then just beauty. I am supporting Team GB all the way, i can hardly support another team when i am living in Great Britain lol. I am so proud to be British right now, Team GB are doing amazing, ranking third on the score board. The opening ceremony was fab and i am sure when it ends on Sunday it will just be as fantastic. I actually can't wait for the ending because there are suppose to be some great acts performing, have heard the spice girls could well be there, and as a girl born in the 90's i can't think of anything better. I am glad to be able to watch before i go on holiday.

What do you like about the Olympics so far? I can't choose a best bit, the entire thing as made me feel so proud to be from a fab country.

What team are you supporting?

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Something Different

Earlier on today i was looking through some blogs and i came along some amazing ones, from there writing of each product to the design of them entire page. I envy some so much, but when it comes to stuff like designing websites i am a bit clueless despite being good with some gadgets this is not one of my strong points. I decided to have a dab at it and come up with something new, funky, fresh as well as exciting. And i did, a completely brand new change to what Sparkle Dust was about before. I have only been doing this since July, so i am still overly new but i know people like change and quite frankly so do i. So i have gone for something girly yet different to before and very much in. Leopard Print, the colours have gone for are green and pink with a touch of gray/black. I know your all probably screaming at the thought of green and pink but i love it. I was actually going to do my bedroom these colours a few years ago, but i settled just on hot pink. I want to be able to bring something new to sparkle dust which are going to include more of what it says in the title, celebs, real life as well as beauty and fashion. Obviously in my free time. I will be away for two weeks soon on my holidays, yay. No more rain (hopefully). But after then i will be doing more about whats seen in magazines and the celeb world. As well as fashion involving celebs and beauty. I hope you all are enjoying my blog so far. And along time improves and becomes better and better. But i can't do that alone i need you people to follow, visit and comment. I have noticed people from all over the world are visiting my page therefore i have put a translator on which you can find at the bottom of my page. So enjoy and thank you for visiting.

Garnier BB Cream

I have been lucky enough to receive a couple of samples in the post with in the last week and now i have another one. Which i am really excited about trying. Once again have uploaded this post ready to write my review but i am yet to try it out. I am more excited about this one then the rest because it's in light and the others i found to be way to dark for my milk bottle skin lol. Have been unable to try as yesterday i was celebrating my little boys third birthday, the time as gone so quick he's growing to fast :( He will be a teenager then moving out before i know it. Anyways thanks for baring with me and if your interested come back and read the review. And if you have already tried i would love to hear your thoughts on this product. Review can now be found below :)

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream - Light

Today i am doing the review, finally woo. When i emptied some out on to my arm to do the picture of the shade i just thought omg. Against my pale skin it looks so dark. This is one of the products i was really excited to try as it said light on the packet and i haven't been so lucky as to receive light on previous samples. Therefore i thought i was going to be disappointed but fortunately i wasn't, finally a foundation/cream for pale skin. It blends in to the skin really good, so good you can't even tell i am wearing any. The smell is also gorgeous which you don't usually find with foundations which is great. The only negative is the shine that's left after applying it, i am not entirely surprised as it is a cream/foundation. Ideally you need a matte powder for the shine to be gone else your going to look like you have very oily skin. It's usually £9.99 at superdrug but currently on offer for £7.49 also available in medium too.

Friday 3 August 2012

Loreal Paris Foundation

Loreal Paris Nude Magique £9.99 at Boots

I was quite taken back when i opened the sample to find the foundation was actually white. I didn't really look into what it was i just so the sample and thought i would try it. This is actually a BB cream that i see many brands are doing, it's a mix between make up and cream so you get the best of both worlds all in one. Don't be alarmed by the colour though as once rubbed in it goes a nude colour as it says on the pack, but for me it was very orange as i have very light skin and i don't fake tan. The texture of the foundation how ever is very smooth and light on the skin it doesn't feel clumped up and thick. This was classed as a medium colour so i feel a bit put off buying it due to the fact that my skin is really light so i feel as though if this is only medium and so dark, i don't think very light would be that much lighter. I would after try a sample of it before i buy because i wouldn't want to waste my money. I was that orange i looked like a umpa lumpa from willy wonka and the chocolate factory lol. But i would recommend for thoughs who are tanned skinned or got fake tan on.
I got some loreal paris samples of foundations threw this morning. So it's been a few beauty treats threw my post box today.
Loreal Paris Lumi Magique £10.99 at boots
This foundation is fair good, covers easily and even though you can feel it on your skin its got a soft consistency so is very light. The colour is pure beige (N4) once again i found it to dark for my skin so would suit, darked skin/tanned. I am so wary of trying new foundations because i am so fair skinned, i use at present rimmel wake me up in ivory and a rimmel peach glow matte powder even though its suppose to make the shine disappear i find it lightens the foundation also. Which is more or less perfect for my skin tone.

So what do you think? Let me know, try a sample before you buy if you can. To make sure you find the correct shade for your skin tone.


Earlier this week i thought about trying some different make up, i have a holiday in two weeks so this was my excuse for buying. Holiday make up as i call it or maybe an excuse to have a splurge on beauty products lol. Either way i had a budget of around £25.00 as i am saving for spending money. And this is what i bought.

I bought my products from

This is the second time i have bought products from fragrance direct and its a great site the first time was aftershave for my boyfriend for his birthday which is on friday of next week. And this time now, the only problems i had was i ordered some foundation also Loreal Paris Infallible long lasting foundation in vanilla, it was only £4.99 for 30ml which is unbelievable value considering i so it today in Tescos for over £12.00 for the same thing. It was in stock when i ordered it at least it showed it in stock but it wasn't the case and it was a mistake on the behalf they have now refunded the amount back to my account. I was a touch annoyed as i would after pay delivery charges for more and it wouldn't be worth my while cause it would cost around the same just to go into town to buy some. Apart from that brilliant website, for all you beauty mad people.

The price - I worked out the RRP on all my items and it came to over £80 excluding my loreal paris foundation now with RRP it comes to just under £80 worth of make up but using this website i paid around £15 and £1.99 for second class post. Some stores charge more then RRP so in reality it would of come close to £90.00. Unbelievable value will defiantly buy again.

Moving on to the products -

Loreal Paris Concealer Minerals - I paid £1.99/RRP£7.99 SAVING £6.00

I got this due to price of £1.99 the fact its suppose to be £7.99 i just thought what a bargain and put it in my online basket. I have never tried concealer before, so this will be a treat. I will update this when i have used it. When it came i just couldn't believe the size it was so small i would never have paid £7.99 for it. But at £1.99 i can hardly complain.

Bourjois Paris Powder - I paid £2.99/RRP £8.49 SAVING £5.50

I colour i got is Miel Dore, i thought this was great value for money it's a compact powder which comes with a little white sponge and a built mirror also. I won't go in much detail yet as i haven't tried this item either, but as soon as i do. I will review it here. So remember to come back. I feel it looks a little dark but it may look different once on the skin.

Ignore my Pjs lol.

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain & Balm - I paid £1.99/RRP £7.99 SAVE £6.00
 I love this, the colour is more brighter then it looks like on my skin on my lips. And when it says stain it really does live up to the name. I tried to wipe it off after applying it for the first time and it wouldn't it does eventually come off with eating and drinking after a few hours but i didn't expect it to stay on. I really do love this. I thought it maybe a bit bright for me and it does look too bright for me but my boyfriend likes the colour and thinks i suit it but maybe hes just being nice lol.
The colour is Victorian.

Balm. You apply this over the top of the colour to give it a slight glossy look, it wasn't glossy enough for me so i added a touch of vasaline you can't go wrong with vasaline. And it's a handbag must have.

Calvin Klein Powder in Light - I paid £2.99/RRP £17.99 saving £15.00

I haven't tried the Calvin Klein Powder yet, but i will do a proper review when i do. I love the colour, it's light which is good to cover over my foundation. As i have fair skin. The saving i made on this was unbelievable i just had to have it. It also has some great reviews.

Calvin Klein Delicious Pout Flavored Lipgloss in Sparkle-  I paid £1.99/RRP £14.00 saving £12.01

I wasn't sure about the colour on this but i decided to try something new and just go with it. Even more so cause the colour was called Sparkle. I am obsessed with anything that sparkles. And it sure does as you can tell by the colour on my skin. I think it really suits my skin colour and i am really happy with my purchase.

Maybeline define a lash volume waterproof mascara - I paid £2.99/RRP £8.80 SAVING £5.81

I will review this once again when i have had time to use it. Unbelievable savings once again.
Rimmel volume Booster Lipgloss - I paid 99p/RRP £4.99 Saving £4.00
I think a clear lipgloss is a handbag/make up bag must have. No need to explain the colour i think everyone knows what a clear lipgloss looks like lol. I thought it was a true bargain at 99p. When i put it on i really felt the feeling in my lip change and could feel the plump feel take hold. It was like a vibrating sensation it kinda reminded me of my mother pucker lipgloss by soap and glory but not as tingly.

I will write reviews for thing's i haven't tried when i get time to try them so please come back if you can. As you can see i found some real beauty bargain finds so check out the website, they deliver abroad also. So check out the delivery charges and enjoy shopping.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

She Said Beauty Box - August 2012

That time of the month again, where i show you my second She said Beauty Box of treats, if you feel you would like to join here is the link

Everyone as been moaning a bit about this months box, i honestly don't know why. I love it, but everyone is entitled to there opinions but the point of being part of the she said beauty network is about trying before you buy. I haven't heard of any of the products in my box this month and my first box was better then my second - this one. But i am glad i have never heard of them as that what surrounds the mystery of them all. I know some maybe cheaper then others but alternatives are good for them who can't always afford the expensive products or who would like to bag a bargain.

So this is what i got in my box - I am going to review the toothpaste from this picture as i forgot to upload the picture on to my laptop. I have only used it once, so i can't really see the results yet, it does say on the back that it would be good to use with the whitening bleach from the white glo range. So i am going to continue using this and report back when the tube is used. The taste actually reminds me of the pink swill and spit stuff you get from the dentist. This is Australia number 1 toothpaste so it must do the job right. It's £4.07 for a full size of 150g at selected stores. Check google to see your nearest stocklist.

This is such a cute little bottle, its a sample size which i am glad about because i was then able to try before i buy. I think if it had of been a full size it would of been much wasted the smell is quite masculine so not really my cup of tea. I have looked at some of the reviews on the she said beauty website and some people like it so it maybe yours. If you can get a tester i would defiantly recommend you do before you buy. The full size is £17.00 for 100ml - check online for nearby store.

I personally don't dye my hair often i am 21 and done it once when i was about 14 lol. So i am natural, how ever i did use this all over my hair as it does the following
  1. Stronger
  2. Protected
  3. Moisturized
  4. Detangled
  5. Softened
  6. Nourished
  7. Vibrant
  8. Manageable
  9. Frizz-free
  10. Shine

 After spraying it on, i thought my hair looked a touch greasy but i know now this is just due to the wetness of the product. After it dried my hair went back to normal, i haven't noticed much difference but i guess this will change after a few times of using the product. It's £19.99 for 170ml.
The option was between these foils and some nail inc nail varnish a mini pot, at first i was really hoping to get the nail polish as i am a mega nail polish girl as you can tell by older post. And the fact i used these before, and it ended in disaster. But the more i thought about it the more i was really happy to get these, last time i had these my mum gave them me they were just a packet of ten with no instructions and with them being my first time they were bound to end in a disaster. Now i can try them again with instructions and i couldn't be more happier. They can be time consuming, so for people with kids make sure there in bed lol. They are available for £1.90 per pack of 32 foils for fingers and toes there are so many styles available, check them out. At There are more then foils available, hair extensions and so much more. Its all about the glitz and glam there surrey based and also do mobile spray tanning.

People have been going on about this being available in a magazine, glamour magazine i think. But i don't think it matters one bit, it's not the best lip treatment as i prefer Vaseline but that's a personal choice. It's not a bad balm its pretty good, the full size which is shown in the picture is 10ml and £12 so that's well worth over the entire amount i pay for she said beauty box. The lip balm is like a Vaseline texture, i put it on to thickly so it was really thick and clumpy on my lips. I ended up dabbing with a tissue, and it was fine. I accidentally got a bit in my mouth the taste was eww, but then again its not for eating lol. The smell is not the best smell but it wares off after 30 seconds.
I haven't tried these yet, but i have heard some great reviews. I am going to try them, but there made for oily skin rather then my own which is normal/dry. The gift pack of six booklets - 20 leaf £7.95 and 65 - £20.55 If you subscribe to she said beauty there is a code off for 10%.

If you want to join she said beauty here is the code once again

Postage and packaging is £2.95 on all boxes a month plus

£9.00 a month - you can cancel anytime
Or one off payments of
£27.00 for three month
£54.00 for six months or
£91.80 for a year that's including 15% off normal price is £108.00

Join today you won't regret it :)

Final conclusion - 
I like the box, like the fact that i got to try before i buy. My two fav products are The lip balm and the nail foils. I can't wait for next months already.