Wednesday 1 August 2012

She Said Beauty Box - August 2012

That time of the month again, where i show you my second She said Beauty Box of treats, if you feel you would like to join here is the link

Everyone as been moaning a bit about this months box, i honestly don't know why. I love it, but everyone is entitled to there opinions but the point of being part of the she said beauty network is about trying before you buy. I haven't heard of any of the products in my box this month and my first box was better then my second - this one. But i am glad i have never heard of them as that what surrounds the mystery of them all. I know some maybe cheaper then others but alternatives are good for them who can't always afford the expensive products or who would like to bag a bargain.

So this is what i got in my box - I am going to review the toothpaste from this picture as i forgot to upload the picture on to my laptop. I have only used it once, so i can't really see the results yet, it does say on the back that it would be good to use with the whitening bleach from the white glo range. So i am going to continue using this and report back when the tube is used. The taste actually reminds me of the pink swill and spit stuff you get from the dentist. This is Australia number 1 toothpaste so it must do the job right. It's £4.07 for a full size of 150g at selected stores. Check google to see your nearest stocklist.

This is such a cute little bottle, its a sample size which i am glad about because i was then able to try before i buy. I think if it had of been a full size it would of been much wasted the smell is quite masculine so not really my cup of tea. I have looked at some of the reviews on the she said beauty website and some people like it so it maybe yours. If you can get a tester i would defiantly recommend you do before you buy. The full size is £17.00 for 100ml - check online for nearby store.

I personally don't dye my hair often i am 21 and done it once when i was about 14 lol. So i am natural, how ever i did use this all over my hair as it does the following
  1. Stronger
  2. Protected
  3. Moisturized
  4. Detangled
  5. Softened
  6. Nourished
  7. Vibrant
  8. Manageable
  9. Frizz-free
  10. Shine

 After spraying it on, i thought my hair looked a touch greasy but i know now this is just due to the wetness of the product. After it dried my hair went back to normal, i haven't noticed much difference but i guess this will change after a few times of using the product. It's £19.99 for 170ml.
The option was between these foils and some nail inc nail varnish a mini pot, at first i was really hoping to get the nail polish as i am a mega nail polish girl as you can tell by older post. And the fact i used these before, and it ended in disaster. But the more i thought about it the more i was really happy to get these, last time i had these my mum gave them me they were just a packet of ten with no instructions and with them being my first time they were bound to end in a disaster. Now i can try them again with instructions and i couldn't be more happier. They can be time consuming, so for people with kids make sure there in bed lol. They are available for £1.90 per pack of 32 foils for fingers and toes there are so many styles available, check them out. At There are more then foils available, hair extensions and so much more. Its all about the glitz and glam there surrey based and also do mobile spray tanning.

People have been going on about this being available in a magazine, glamour magazine i think. But i don't think it matters one bit, it's not the best lip treatment as i prefer Vaseline but that's a personal choice. It's not a bad balm its pretty good, the full size which is shown in the picture is 10ml and £12 so that's well worth over the entire amount i pay for she said beauty box. The lip balm is like a Vaseline texture, i put it on to thickly so it was really thick and clumpy on my lips. I ended up dabbing with a tissue, and it was fine. I accidentally got a bit in my mouth the taste was eww, but then again its not for eating lol. The smell is not the best smell but it wares off after 30 seconds.
I haven't tried these yet, but i have heard some great reviews. I am going to try them, but there made for oily skin rather then my own which is normal/dry. The gift pack of six booklets - 20 leaf £7.95 and 65 - £20.55 If you subscribe to she said beauty there is a code off for 10%.

If you want to join she said beauty here is the code once again

Postage and packaging is £2.95 on all boxes a month plus

£9.00 a month - you can cancel anytime
Or one off payments of
£27.00 for three month
£54.00 for six months or
£91.80 for a year that's including 15% off normal price is £108.00

Join today you won't regret it :)

Final conclusion - 
I like the box, like the fact that i got to try before i buy. My two fav products are The lip balm and the nail foils. I can't wait for next months already.

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