Tuesday 7 August 2012

Something Different

Earlier on today i was looking through some blogs and i came along some amazing ones, from there writing of each product to the design of them entire page. I envy some so much, but when it comes to stuff like designing websites i am a bit clueless despite being good with some gadgets this is not one of my strong points. I decided to have a dab at it and come up with something new, funky, fresh as well as exciting. And i did, a completely brand new change to what Sparkle Dust was about before. I have only been doing this since July, so i am still overly new but i know people like change and quite frankly so do i. So i have gone for something girly yet different to before and very much in. Leopard Print, the colours have gone for are green and pink with a touch of gray/black. I know your all probably screaming at the thought of green and pink but i love it. I was actually going to do my bedroom these colours a few years ago, but i settled just on hot pink. I want to be able to bring something new to sparkle dust which are going to include more of what it says in the title, celebs, real life as well as beauty and fashion. Obviously in my free time. I will be away for two weeks soon on my holidays, yay. No more rain (hopefully). But after then i will be doing more about whats seen in magazines and the celeb world. As well as fashion involving celebs and beauty. I hope you all are enjoying my blog so far. And along time improves and becomes better and better. But i can't do that alone i need you people to follow, visit and comment. I have noticed people from all over the world are visiting my page therefore i have put a translator on which you can find at the bottom of my page. So enjoy and thank you for visiting.

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