Saturday, 11 August 2012

I have a confession - I am addicted to Nail Polish

Today i decided to go into town, i am going on holiday soon so i needed more essentials. My more essentials are foundation and a nail polish, okay i admit i did buy two but i couldn't pass the offer of two for £8.00 at boots when my nail polish was £5.99 each, meaning one cost only £2.01 bargain. I also went to buy a pair of sandals, my boyfriend thinks i am nuts as i have already packed two pair of wedges, 1 pair of heels and three pairs of flip flops in my suitcase (I don't know what the big deal is lol, they only took up half the room and some how i managed to fit majority of my clothes in) i didn't have much luck with the sandals because there are none, i only looked in one shop and its all full of autumn fashion. Anyways i see it as if i am going to wear flipflops my nails need to be perfect with a touch of sparkle. So this post if about yet another two polishes i bought on my travels to town.

Both Bourjois £5.99 Each

By the name of my blog you should all know i love sparkles, so when i came across this on my friend Becky's Blog i just knew i had to have it. This is a Bourjois 1 Seconde gel nail polish in Rainbow Apparition.
I just love how it sparkles and it really is like a rainbow. The brush was pleasantly good to use and easy to apply, the colour is lilac with splashes of rainbow spreaded through out. This looks fantastic in sunlight, so will make a lovely colour for them summer days and especially for holidays where it will sparkle and be all glittery in the sunlight. I used three coats to get it like this, on first coat its quite clear which is where the next colour comes in, so keep scrolling. 
My intention was to buy one nail polish which would look great for summer but i took advantage of the two for £8.00 at boots, plus i have an advantage card which means more points to get make up etc for free. This is Bourjois So laque in Rose Imaginaire. And the colour once again is lovely and summery. It looks pink but its quite coral in personal opinions. It's a ultra shine but i still added a clear coat for that extra shine. This once again was easy to apply and fab, i really love the Bourjois colours this was my first two pots for the company and i will buy more in the future. I usually just look on Rimmel but i will defiantly start experimenting. I really want to try the motel owns collection there's some fab polishes and glittery ones available.
Sorry its blurred.

Now how about adding both together. It took three coats of the first polish to achieve the color fully, therefore on first coat it was quite clear and could only see the rainbow sparkley bits. Therefore its clear enough to mix and match two together. Using the Second polish i painted one nail then applied the rainbow lilac polish to achieve a glittery coral. Which i think looks great. What do you think?
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