Sunday 2 September 2012

Holiday Blues

Safe to say why i didn't want to come back. I am now recovering from being back to reality. But still a bit peakish. Take me back please :)

I am back from my holidays, not been in long and already i am feeling the holiday blues. I traveled 829 miles getting there and the same back, it was worth it getting there but not so worth it coming back. I went to vendee in france, it's a lovely big village, the cottages are chocolate boxed and cosy, everything is stunning, beautiful, clean, peaceful and more importantly hot with a sunshine - not something you see much of in the uk. If i could speak the language i would so move there. The setting is just gorgeous. So yesterday morning i was up early (baring in mind there an hour in front then uk) out by 10am to travel up to Calais we didn't arrive until 10ish to the hotel and was in bed by 11pm my clumsy boyfriend accidentally shut a secure lock door trapping my son in the room lol. Was up again at 5.45 to leave at 6.30 to get the ferry from Calais to dover only to get there to find the ferry had broke down so was a delay, major blag!! Anyways after traveling from dover to north west we got home at six-ish. All i want to do is sit outside, or walk across the road to the glorious beach, enjoy a cocktail or two. Oh well back to reality on the plus side my little girl took some more first steps shes being lazy and won't do it again and it's her first birthday on tuesday, the time went so fast. Anyways back to my holiday, i had a lovely time spending quality time with my family i didn't want it to end.

How have you spent your summer - did you go any where on holiday?


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