Monday, 24 September 2012

Lissele Jewellery

This afternoon i received these stunning pair of earrings from Lissele Jewellery 

So i had a little sneaky look at lissele jewellery and i was completely amazed by so many pieces that i could of spent a fortune. Obviously i put some details in for the free pair, i thought had missed out so i were kinda shocked to find them behind the door. But what a great little treat. The sight is basically aimed at teen's great jewellery at affordable prices, but i think anyone can get jewellery here the prices are great and there is some lovely stuff so check it out. I don't really have any studs because i am a hoops and feather earrings kinda gal. So i am happy to have these added to my collection and look forward to wearing them.

This is was a giveaway to the general public of 200+ people, i was fortunate to get a pair. Opinion is by me :)

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