Sunday 16 September 2012

Experimenting Nails -

I have been ill the last few days, the good news is i am getting better at least i hope. So what better way to cheer myself up then a little experimenting with my nails. 

I used - 
  •  Technic in black 
  • Bourjois Ultra shine, so laque! in Rose Imaginaire
  • Bourjois 1seconde gel polish - unsure of the name so lets call it rainbow sparkle lol.
  • Your average clear nail polish.

So here is my experiment -

The plan was when i removed my polish was to have a little break give my nails the break they need as there in serious need of a little rest from my obsessive nail problem but it went down hill and i was painting my nails a few hours after. I need to find a decent nail hardener if i am honest as i abuse them so much with polish there quite soft. Anyhow first of all i thought i would do the tip of my nails and that were it then i added the black line and before i knew it i was adding the rainbow sparkle and this was the result i ended up with. I am the first to admit it's not perfect but i quite like it and it looks better then it does in the picture. Could be neater but i ain't no pro and it was all done by hand. 

I hope you like

Would love to see where your experimenting as led you, there are some fab ones out there in the blogging world. 

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