Friday 21 September 2012

Why do people feel the need to airbrush? What happened to natural beauty.

Today i came across a post that i feel completely strong about and that is airbrushing.

I am a young girl who every week buys magazines, i love reading about the celeb world and the latest beauty must haves and fashion. I look at the girls modelling these clothes etc and envy them because they just look so gorgeous and then i remember there is nothing real about them at all because bit's of there face have been chopped off using a airbrushing program to make them look perfect. I don't understand why some feel the need to change someones face or body weight, we are buying the product not the model. And i just want to make a stand that nobody is perfect, i personally would love to see celebs and real woman in magazines that have not been airbrushed.

What happened to natural beauty?
What happened to Curves?

There is nothing appealing about very stick thin woman who young girls are looking at for inspiration and end up becoming ill because of it, because the image there looking at is not real. They need a normal girl, with a normal body to look up to, instead of the fake image the media occasionally portrays.

I personally would love to see a magazine do a spread of normal, real woman who aren't in the modelling business to be in ad's or model clothes without airbrushing.

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