Tuesday 25 September 2012

No7 Stay Perfect Polish

Have had the No7 Stay Perfect Polish for quite a while now, they come in a set of five/six colours. I got them one year for Christmas and this is my second set have had, even though have used most of the polishes up. I thought now would be a good time to blog about them because have truly experimented and have never done a No7 polish before. The colour i am going to do is Totally Teal.

When i first got this i wasn't totally sure about the colour have always been a pink/purples sorta girl. But as have experimented more with my nails this as really grown on me, i really like the colour and i added some sparkles for a bit of glam.

The glitter polish as become a fav of mine and it was only 99p/£1.49 (which have told you before) it's a technic polish and looks perfect with the Totally teal.

Totally teal, is easy to apply without no lumps or bumps, i did two coats but you could get away with one depending on how thickly you applied the first coat. It does take a bit of time to dry, when i felt my nail after a while i felt a slight wetness to it so i didn't dare move. But so far so good, not one chip :) Will defiantly being buying some more in the near future. I received them as a gift but you can buy them at boots in the three for two christmas deal, this is a great idea to treat yourself with the freebie and buy others for christmas as well as stocking up on advantage points. *Check Boots online*


  1. Very nice and elegant, you have nice nails too lol xoxo.

  2. Thank you. I don't know how i abuse them way to much lol. My promise to give them break resulted in a major fail :( they haven't always been like this, i use to have a bad habit of biting them. The fact is i only don't if there looking pretty and that's where my obsession comes from because i want them lovely and long. But shhh lol xx


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