Saturday, 22 September 2012

ELF Cosmetics

So for a month or so have had in my head a lovely idea for my sisters 17th birthday. Have been getting super excited to sort it, its nothing completely amazing but i just love the idea of it for her. I won't give it away in case she comes across this. But more to the point her birthdays not until the 19th of december, eckk!! But yesterday i got an email from ELF aka eyes, lips, face. Saying if i spend £15 or more i would get a load of make up freebies worth over £10. I just couldn't pass the opp so as an excuse i ordered a few things to do with my sisters b'day pressie to get the freebies for myself. Obvs i would never give my sister free items for her b'day. So i thought had let you all know in case you want to order anything so you can also enjoy the freebies. Remember a minimum spend of £15 to recieve free make up plus bag worth over £10.00 theres four to get but there choose by the person packing your purchase. This offer is only available for a few more hours. Happy Shopping xxx
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