Thursday 6 September 2012

My must haves -

I have never done a my beauty must haves before and thought i would now whilst i have some free time. I thought had do it with a bit of a twist, the blogs i come across usually have my august fav's bla bla bla. Well i am going to do my complete fav's of everyday life which goes on longer then a month, my products are new and also old. Some have been mentioned before but i am going to mention them again without going into major detail about the product unless have not done so before.

left to right
I use Daily Essentials as part of my everyday use, its my alternative to soap as i find soap drys out my skin where as this keeps feeling extra soft and very much glowing, just what i need as a everyday make up user. Boots - £3.59 for 200ml. (Check online for other stores - compare prices)

I use Nivea soft every night before bed, which keeps my skin feeling soft just as it says on the label, i got samples in the post with some clothes from asos and have never looked back. £6.02 for 300ml at boots (mines only 200ml but prices are cheaper else where - but if you got an advantage card its a great way to collect points for free stuff this is i think where boots get there higher prices to make the money up for free goods available through advantage card system - personal opinion)

Make up - going from left to right until i make my way to the bottom.

Calvin Klein delicious pout in sparkle 9ml - RRP £14.00
I am pretty sure when i purchased this it was £2.99 well its now available at a cheap and cheerful £1.99 at fragrance direct they are other colours to choose from. I love this lipgloss i originally bought it for my holidays as i was after trying alternative products and i am so glad i did. The colour is perfect for my skin tone and you can really see it on the lips its neither to bright or to dull which is great. It smells lovely and it's flavored too. Its a pinky red colour with sparkles hence the name.

Revlon Just Bitten lipstain and balm in victorian 2.5g - RRP £7.99
Fragrance direct - Once again i think i paid £2.99 and its not available for only £1.99 - bargain!! I think the lipstain is fantastic it really does stain the lips and i put it to the test and tried to take it off like you would a lipstick with some tissue and it wouldn't, even though it does eventually come ware off after some hours it does stay on therefore it makes a great night out lipstain. How ever i like a glossy feel to my lips and the lipbalm doesn't achieve that so i added some clear lipgloss which i think looks great. I found this to be really red, my mum said i quote "you lips are very vampy" I will get this again but i think i will go for a lighter colour.

Rimmel Volume Booster Lip plumping lipgloss in clear - 6ml £4.99
I paid only 99p for this at fragrance direct, i love this and it was a total bargain. The brush isn't your usual lipgloss end its a brush type of end think paint brush but tiny. It make your lips really shine and plump with a slight numbing feel i think that is what gives your lips the plump effect. I love this but i also like mother pucker available from the soap and glory range, it however is a little pricey for a lipgloss compared to this one.

Rimmel Soft kohl eyeliner pencil in black - I buy mine from different places depending on when i run out, eye liner lasts ages. Google for your nearest stock list. I have been using this for years, i don't tend to use alternatives as i think a pencil is a pencil and there all going to do the same job, i maybe wrong. I did how ever receive a miners eye liner in my she said beauty box one time but found it to be to thick to how i apply it. This does the job perfect and really makes my eyes dark and its just perfect so i will be sticking with this one.

Peepshow 17 mascara in black/brown - In all honesty this isn't one i would of bought as i usually stick to rimmel and take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer at selected stores when there on which is usually with rimmel. But i got this in a competition in the post and decided to try it no point it going to waste and i really really really like it. So much i will buy more when i run out it really adds length to my eye lashes and doesn't clump them up like some mascaras. I have also used a maybelline waterproof mascara define-a-lash which i bought from fragrance direct for like £2.99 since and i am fair proud of myself as i tend to stick to rimmel when it comes to make up. I only ever experiment with eye shadows, lipglosses and mascara when it comes to different makes.

Rimmel stay matte powder - peach glow £3.99 look out for rimmel 3 for 2 in selected stores. I love rimmel stay matte powder, have tried different tones but peach glow works best for my skin tone and complexion. I don't often use different powders in fact i never have except once when i bought a calvin klein from fragrance direct it was in light and fairly cheap but i was disappointed i was on holiday also so was unable to purchase rimmel stay matte powder so i had no choice but to use the calvin klein one. And i just missed the rimmel one and realized how much i couldn't live without it. Calvin klein makes my skin spotty as well as oily by the end of the day which resulted in my make up being off and patchy in places. It won't be used again but i am happy to say the rimmel one is back in my make up bag since i returned.

Wake me up foundation in ivory (100) £8.99 can be found in 3 for 2 and also cheaper at selected stores. I have almost every rimmel foundation but this as to be my fav by far. I always use ivory but i find on the wake me up collection the ivory is lighter in colour and also light on the skin and in texture and that is the reason why i love it so much as its light and doesn't make my skin feel all bulky. I am also fair skinned so the colour is fantastic, i use the matte peach glow to get rid of the shine but also to make the colour even lighter. I don't tend to try different foundations and stick to what i know with being fair skinned, foundations can be expensive. I did try to change to a loreal when i ordered a ton of make up at fragrance direct to be told it was out of stock after i paid for it - i did get a refund. So i am trying to be alternative about different products :) sort of.

Bourjois paris so laque ultra shine in rose imaginaire - £5.99 at boots
I love the colour of this it looks pink but its not its a coral colour. When i have this on i feel i have got fake nails on and people say i have. If your domestic in the house with two kids take caution this will chip after two days lol. But apart from that it does stay on really well i had a busy day washing and cleaning after my holidays. It feels a little streaky on first coat but it does apply well and looks great after two to three coats and a clear coat as well. Don't be put off by that because its great and as some really nice colours in the collection. I want to buy some more already but on a nail varnish ban after my recent crazy spending, unless i buy for someone else. I will after wait for christmas, which is fast approaching. I can't wait :)

Bourjois 1 seconde rainbow - £5.99 (was two for £8.00 when purchased with the above at boots) I actually have fallen in love with this nail polish, it was my summer must have nail polish for the summer and now for the rest of the year. The bottle does get used up quite quickly i have less then half left and it only opened about a month ago, but this is due to needing at least three coats to achieve the colour. But it's worth it because its glittery and we all no how hard it is to get glitter off your nails. I also have been painting my mums and my sisters this colour. It looks amazing in the sunshine the sun catched it the colours come alive in rainbow sparkles.

Not going to go into this to much as have done earlier posts. These are my fav perfumes at present and the middle one in my whole time fav if i run out i ask for it at christmas and birthdays.
From left to right -

Viva la juicy £28 for 30ml

Number 1 fav - Givinchy very irresistible £26 for 30ml

Hugo Boss femme £21 for 30ml - check selected stores as prices vary.

Apology for the photo being wrong way round once again.

From top to bottom -

I was lucky enough to win the first two bottles of loreal paris crystal shampoo and conditioner, for the two it was £9.00 at boots the first costing almost £5 and the other almost £4, i don't usually pay this much for my shampoo and conditioner but i was so impressed with the results after finishing the bottle i was most definitely going to be buying again. So i was completely all smiles when i went to asda and found the second and third bottle from top in the picture for two bottles for only £4.00, bargain. The top one was still almost £5.00 at asda so i decided on the alternative cheaper conditioner but from the same crystal collection. And i am pretty sure it will do the same job. I haven't yet tried the conditioner yet but i have the shampoo and i love it. Imagine going to a high end expensive salon for a shampoo and conditioning treatment and paying over the odds well this is what treatment you receive after doing it yourself at probably less then a quarter of the price it really is that good. Have never seen my hair look as healthy soft and glowing as i have with this shampoo compared to others. Its my recommendation by far to all you lovely people. Try it you will never look back.

The fourth Bottle is a schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel 220oc heat protection - i usually use tresemme heat protection as seen in the picture and i love it, it smells lovely and does the job but i was running out, i think last time it was not far off £5 for a bottle but asda were doing a offer for two for £5.00 at the time so when i decided to buy a new one i went for an alternative which is what i am rambling on about now. It was only £2.99 for 200ml at b&n homestore so good value for money and it does just as good of job as tresemme it smells nice but not as nice and i would use it again in the future.

Hairspray - well i always get wella silvikrin have used varied ones from there range and they all do the same i can never tell the different i only spray it on to keep wispy bits down lol and that is it. Nothing exciting to report really but this is my must haves that i can't really live without. Some are must haves some are favs :)

Accessories - well jewellery really, i got this charm bracelet for my 21st and i love it, it was from my mum and step dad but i haven't wore it for sometime as i can't arrange the charms as i find it impossible to get them off. My boyfriend can and i rearranged it but he put one the wrong way round and still as failed to sort it and until then i will not wear it.
I love my hoops and wear them everyday and no i am not a chav.
Now my tresor paris bracelet i won this and it's one on my fav pieces at present i found it hard to choose a colour so decided i would have all pieces. I wear it everyday and its worth £149 so i was lucky to win it. Check out there website i love this bracelet it really sparkles and i love sparkles as you all know.

So here are some of my everyday favs - enough for you? I have to many.


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