Wednesday 5 September 2012

She said Beauty Box - September 2012

This is now my third box and i am pretty happy with what i received i will not be cancelling my subscription, not that i thought about it but most people seem to have a bad month then decide to cancel. Well i say beauty boxes are not going to be to everyone's tastes every month and the all point is to try before you buy. This month i received everything that was available in the sneak peak section on the she said beauty website which was fantastic and i was thinking it was going to be either one or the other as it usually is. Lets take a look at what was available.

                               Beautifully wrapped as always
A wonderfully refreshing deep-cleansing mask that draws out deep-seated dirt and impurities while soaking up excess oil and help prevent blemishes. Cool and refreshes, leaving skin feeling clear, clean and smooth. (This is how she said beauty describe this clay mask)

My review - This is a 10ml sample of the amie pure and natural beauty cooling clay mask it's priced at £1.50 for 15ml sachet this is suppose to be a full size sachet therefore on the card it clearly is wrote incorrectly on she said beauty's part - as i say mistakes can happen. I googled the sachets on the website and you get three sachets for £1.50 which makes this around 50p each. That is if the 15ml is marked wrong. Also £4.95 for 75ml. I haven't tried this yet but i look forward to i have used previous masks and found my skin burns and becomes sore, unsure whether its an allergic reaction to what ever was inside. This is exciting as the products is natural. Will let you know when i have tried it out.

My review - At the first opening of this mask, the smell of limes hits you in the face - not literally obviously lol. *I wrote in my beauty pad as i had it on - not now as i write on here may i add* My skin when mask was on felt really cool and refreshing and really tight, like botox tight - just a guess have never had botox lol. I found it hard to move my lips to speak which is just how tight it was when set, but it was great. With masks, i usually get a burning sensation without face masks that i end up taking it off straight away. With this i was quite surprised i didn't and i really think it's to do with the natural ingredient. Its great value and i will buy again in the future. After removing it my face felt like it was dripping with ice cold water, despite nothing being there. The mask keeps my face feeling refreshed and ice cool for a few hours afterwards, my skin also feels soft.

Primed ready and fix me up are both from collection 2000, these bottles are both full size 18ml costing £5.99 each at superdrug and boots - boots have £2.00 off at the moment. I was expecting just the one so the fact i got both was amazing and at £11.98 for both just for the two takes me over the amount i pay to she said beauty every month. So i got a lot for my money. You need both judging by the instructions on the bottle as you need to start with primed and ready before going on to the fix me up.

Primed and ready is a smoothing clear cream that creates a lovely base for easier make up application and makes sure your make up stays intact throughout the day.

Fix me up long lasting make up fixer is a spray that you apply after using the primed and ready and applying your make up. This secures your make up so it stays on all day.

My review - primes ready and fix - Have never tried anything like this before or come across anything like it as have never looked. So this was a major treat for me along with all the other products that was available in the she said beauty box this month. On opening, i found the products to be like gel/cream the contents were clear. You only need a small amount. After waiting for the product to dry i was shocked at how soft my skin felt. I can see why this is used for a base for foundation once applied it makes the skin feel soft, which felt the skin even out. Once foundations applied it gives great coverage. This is a great little product and for only £5.99 it's great value for money.

Fix me up - If i am honest i was a little unsure of this product at first. All i could think of was a spray being sprayed on my face, in all honesty i thought it would ruin my make up, as a spray usually would drip down your face. On the bottle it says to spray a good 25-30cm, initially i had my doubts i didn't think it would spray that far and would need it to be closer but i followed the instructions either way and the product shot me in the face so 25-30cm is completely fine. I purposely went for a normal mascara and not waterproof just to see how good this were and i am happy to report nothing happened. Nothing ran and i used 5 sprays instead of the guided 2-4. Unfortunately this is all i after say on this product at this moment, the idea is it keeps your make up on longer and since its not the end of the day. I will report later :) - Pleased to say it did work, the spray didn't make my skin patchy and the make up stayed on all day with out so much as a mark. Lovely little product.

This deep cleaning oil (DHC) is a oil based make up remover. Basically you apply to dry hands then to a face full of make up and rinse. I don't usually use make up remover and tend to do it the old fashioned way, a flannel and water then wash with nivea face wash and then apply nivea soft cream. I think the deep cleansing oil is fab, takes a minute to apply and rinse and it really does remove your make up quickly and easily. It works a treat and the price is cheap too, this is a full size also  costing only £3.50 for 30ml. Other sizes available are also £9.50 for 70ml and £18.50 for 200ml. I recommend you google this for your nearest stock list unfortunately i have people all over the place and i am unsure if this is sold worldwide or not. She said beauty say this also takes off waterproof mascara i was unsure of putting it near my eyes as on the bottle it tells you to avoid eye contact so i decided against this for obvious reasons.
Green tea whitening marvel gel is a gentle yet effective exfoliating action zero-outs blackheads thoroughly and painlessly and helps remove layers of dead skin. £22.00 for 60ml
Review - Not very keen on this, the sample was very small and even though it was a fair amount for maybe two days have only tried it the once, as this product only gives results after constant use i was unable to fully review it. How ever i will not be buying it in the future, because i can't stand the smell. I can't even describe the smell as have never come across it before and to be quite frank i don't want to come across the smell again. *To report this is my opinion, in the she said beauty world, people are raving about it. It's just not for me, so try and get hold of a sample if you can*

Popchips - 79p for 23g or £1.89 for 85g
This was a SSB treat, was amused to find this in the beauty box this month but its a treat and something different. Katy perry as been seen eating these and that is probably the reason. I received a 11g bag of sea salt and vinegar flavored potato chips, There baked instead of fried and are only 45cals a bag the idea is there an healthier option of crisps with the same great tastes. I will open now and have a taste. You don't get many in the bag but this is only a sample. They actually taste pretty good. I will after finish them off now have opened them :)
So this is what was available in my beauty box. Well worth the £9.00 i pay each month and with the postage i pay i still receive more then what i pay for. Why not join today you won't regret it and if you do its easy to cancel << click the link. Only available in UK and Ireland at 1 month and three month subscription. Click the link to find out more and you can enter yourself into competitions available on she said beauty. Like the one below - sorry its not right way.

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