Monday 17 September 2012

Changed my blog again -

I decided to change my blog again, i want something that isn't so in your face. Before i thought bit plain, last time with the leopard print i thought woah. After once again looking at other peoples blog's have decided the blogs that are natural looking and not a lot happening in the background are the nicer ones. I really want something like that but with a bit of a twist because i like something with a bit of colour etc. So that is why have changed it again, i am still unsure because i am so picky. So i want you to all tell me the whole trust and nothing but the truth. Please?? About everything from the font to the colour so i can take on board what you want from my blog because you all look at it more then i do. Thank you.


  1. Your blog looks cute, just thought I'll mention you forgot the r in sparkle at the top, xoxo.

    1. I swear that had a R in earlier unless my eyes are going crazy lol. Omg how dumb of me had it like that for about a week haha. Thank you so much, now to track the font down. Will go on asap and do it. Pure embarrasment xxx

    2. Don't worry it happens to all of us and yeah I'm sure you had it up there before, xoxo.

    3. All sorted and back to normal thanks for telling me. I did try to reply last night but having problems with blogspot lately. Xx


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