Wednesday 19 September 2012

Nail Polish

If you have been following me for a while you will all know i am slightly, nail obsessed. I don't pretend that i am fab at it, but i try my best at creating cool nail art and painting my nails. I suck loads at trying to attempt to give my nails a break, because to be quite frank i look at them with no polish on and before i know it the polish is out and i am painting them. And now have done it again and this is no different, i tried to give them a break and failed miserably.

A while back i bought like 19 nail varnishes in one day, yes you so correct 19, eckk!! Anyways have tried them all on numerous occasions and some are better then others, but today i decided to review two of them.

I bought both of these from a really good beauty shop, it's such good value for money that place i love it. Unfortunately i have no idea what the name is, i keep forgetting as i don't get to visit often because it's in another town. But you may find it on a previous post. Which is the one when i bought 19 polishes, it's in Blackburn, UK shopping mall. Each of these polishes were between 99p/£1.49, there not well known make up brands but i quite like technic polish from the cheaper side.

Here is what i did -

*Slightly messy due to not cleaning up*

So i started off with the Body collection pink polish, which is the left one on the pic at the top of the page. This polish isn't as pink as it looks in the picture, therefore you after build the colour up. This need's at least three coats for it to go a lovely pink colour. I decided then to put on a glittery blue which is the technic colour on the right, it's a pale clear/blue polish so is perfect for a top coat with sheers of blue glitter in, this only needed one coat as you get quite a bit of glitter from one stroke. I think it makes a good top coat because it feels fairly smooth compared to the usual glittery ones where they can feel slightly bumpy, it does go a slightly different shade of colour once applied a purple colour, as by the pic you can see some nails look more blue then others that's due to the blue glitter where i put to much on the brush. Now to the extremely annoying part ever get them polishes where you think its dry it feels dry and then you touch something and it smudges or goes funny, well this is what happened, i waited for a while for them to dry too which is really annoying. But i can't take it off now because have no nail polish remover so will after wait until my boyfriend finishes work and goes buy me some.

So here is my promise as soon as have taken this polish off i am going to give my nails a break for at least a week. 


  1. that blue glitter is beautiful!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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