Tuesday 30 April 2013

PS Beauty

Hi girls and boys if any boys look at my page. Hope your having a lovely day? Today i got an email from a woman called Anne telling me about a fantastic site called PS Beauty. Basically you fill in a little information (a 30 second job) and click on little pictures of beauty products you have tried. When you have finished, click done and this will take you to a page of beauty recommendations. This will give you a choice of three products similar in comparison to what you clicked but totally different brands. Therefore it won't take you to much outside of your comfort zone. As beauty bloggers, we all love to try new brands but are usually a little wary because we don't want to waste money and end up with something that doesn't suit us. PS Beauty solves that problem.

Why not give it ago and sign up today and see what beauty products PS Beauty recommend to you. This is my referral link: click here. If you do i could be in with a chance of winning some great products that are a little out of my price range right now. I would really appreciate that. 
Thank you.

Monday 29 April 2013

24hr Beauty Sale

Asos are having a 30% off 24 hour beauty sale. Huge top brands including Nars and Nails inc and many more. Plus great high street ones too Rimmel and Bourjois. 

Asos offers free worldwide delivery too.
Check it out.

Dollydagger Wishlist

It was only a few days ago, that the Dollydagger website just happened to pop on my newsfeed on facebook. I decided to take a sneak peak and i loved what i saw. Dollydagger is a retro fashion boutique that offers vintage fashion, accessories and more. Of course their was so much lovely fashionable pieces but i was really drawn to the jewellery, home ware and bath stuff and i quickly fell in love. These were my favourite pieces on the website so i thought had make a wishlist.

I absolutely love this strawberry and butterfly necklace and the chocolate fondant necklace. I have always wanted a pair of pudding earrings and they were a few to choose from on the website but i kept getting drawn back to the ones in the collage. I love the Dorothy shoes necklace it's very retro and it's once of them films that have "gone down in history". I love baking but i don't have any baking equipment i usually get them boxes of mix from asda - they are good. I love this retro styled baking kit it comes in a lovely vintage box. Now on to the make up and beauty products - i am so in love with these retro looking bath bombs and lip glosses that are created to look like a muffin that look good enough to eat. And then the beautiful scarf. I love scarfs but have never ever got round to buying the fashionable ones, only the ones that keep you all snug in winter. They have quite a selection but this leopard print one is gorgeous and animal print is been in fashion for so long now, i can't imagine it going out anytime soon.

To shop at Dollydagger click here.

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Sunday 28 April 2013

Cutey Shamballa Bracelets*

I absolutely love bracelets, them being probably my favourite piece of jewellery along with earrings. I have a huge thing about the shamballa bracelet - so much effort goes into making them, there's something quite special about them. They Sparkle in the sunlight and look fabulous no matter what your wearing.

These gorgeous shamballa bracelets are from company cutey who specialize in a selection of bracelets and bags that are to die for.

Each bracelets are filled with nine beads, each having 84 crystals - hence why so much effort goes into making them. I found them to be quite stiff on opening but this is purely down to them being new, after opening and closing them a couple of times it does get easier. I quite like the fact it's a little harder to open because it means the quality of the bracelet keeping the beads in place is very well done as well as being sturdy. The beads themselves have a lovely touch of sparkle to them, when we do get some sun which i absolutely love. I was sent Gold on White which can be found here and Red on White which can be found here. All in all i am really impressed for £18.99 you can't go wrong and they are a great dupe for the higher branded more expensive Shamballa bracelets that cost £149.99. They come in an array of lovely colours, and i was really happy with the shades they sent me especially now that it's spring and summer is coming these shades will look fantastic to accessorize almost every outfit - if not all. You can shop the bracelets at Cutey here.

Apart from the shamballa bracelets, Cutey have a great selection of charm bracelets and they are so pretty. If you are a handbag lover like me, you will be keen to check out their bags. They are gorgeous, i am in heaven looking at them - i want one. Girl can never have to many bags, right? ♥

Free UK delivery. Worldwide dispatch.
24 hours, 7 days a week.

These bracelets were sent for review.

I am still having issues with uploading photo's with the help of photobucket have managed to get round this. Yay for photobucket. Remember if you would like to enter my raffle to win a selection of cosmetics worth £50, i would be ever so grateful and you will be helping a great charity too. Tabs on the left. If you like this blog, you can follow me via GFC, Twitter & Bloglovin' via the tabs that are at the bottom or right of this page. Thank you x

Saturday 27 April 2013

Naughty Blog

My blog is being a pain in the a**. Firstly it moves my stuff around again on my homepage then it decides it's no longer going to upload photos. Thankfully have had some draft posts uploaded for a few weeks but they do keep getting pushed to the back of the Que with me opting to write something else. Doesn't mean their any less exciting though lol. So please bare with me, or again the blog. 

Much Love

Money saving tip: (I forgot to mention this on my 30 ways to save a £1) If your a book worm like me, invest in a kindle. This will save you pounds in the long run, downloading books costs you next to nothing with a lot being free or less then a pound. Where as the RRP is probably a fiver if not more. The reason for this downloading books aren't charged vat. Yay for downloading books.

Friday 26 April 2013

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash

I have always wanted to try Urban Decay them being one of the top expensive brands, when i come across Urban Decay palettes and 24/7 shadow pencils on cheapsmells i knew they had to be added to my Birthday wishlist also especially at the cheap affordable prices. These 24/7 shadow pencil stash are travel sized but from what i have read there isn't actually much size difference in these compared to the full size. 

These are five gorgeous shimmery shades, some beautiful more neutral everyday shades and a few bold statement shadows. I absolutely love these and the lasting power is completely fantastic, have never had a eyeshadow pencil but no eyeshadow compare to them. They stick like glue and are hard to remove, not hard as in it can't be done but hard as in not like the removal of your usual eye shadow making the lasting power amazing and you have to scrub to get them off. I highly recommend these to everyone and their a bargain price at only £15.94 with free delivery (UK) you can click here to buy.

Have you got your hands on these. What do you think?
Remember you can click picture to enlarge.

Click here to enter.

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Wednesday 24 April 2013

Enter My Amazing Raffle To Win A Great Prize & Help Charity * (Now Closed)

Well my raffle came a little earlier then expected because have had some interest not from online but from the public via a couple of family members and one of them even collected some money, on that note this raffle is definitely happening.

Firstly my raffle was a sponsor after a very kind Mr MUA - as he very happily like's to be known got in contact with me and he very kindly offered to donate a lovely package of goodies that i could raffle off or sell to make money for this very good cause - i will get on to that in a minute. Therefore i would like to thank Mr MUA, Jackie and Jade who made this all happen and huge thanks to the company as a whole. Being raffled is a selection of cosmetics from Make up academy and Look beauty. Can this raffle get anymore exciting.

This is what you could get your hands on:

  •  Make up academy undress me too eyeshadow palette
  •  Make up academy pro-base complexion kit
  •  Make up academy undress your skin illuminating foundation
  •  Make up academy undress you skin shimmer highlighter 
  •  Make up academy matte perfect primer
  •  Make up academy lipstick trio - Scarlet
  •  Make up academy power pout - Runway
  •  Make up academy nail quake crackle glitter - gold
  •  Make up academy lipstick - shade 2, 7 and 12
  •  Make up academy intense colour lip liner - softly lined & pink me up
  •  Look Beauty statement eyes - Twinset & Suede 
  •  Look Beauty fat lips - snog & smacker
  •  Look Beauty double hit lip - Rose riot
That's a £50 prize how very generous. 
Now on to why this raffle is so important.

Please read - You will also find more information here. You can enlarge the picture to get a better look.
Me, my mum and sister are doing a 8 mile midnight walk with all proceeds going to Pendleside hospice. This is a charity that specialise in looking after and providing care for them with progressive or life-limiting illnesses. The 8 mile walk is a annual charity event where woman take part in and raise as much funds as they possibly can to give patients nursing and medical care as well as support family and friends of the patients. This is run by donations and events that allow people to sponsor. I think we all agree people who haven't got long left, deserve the best care. And that's why i want to help, but to help them i need the public's help and that's why this raffle means a lot so people who desperately need help get the best support and medical care they so desperately need. 

All i ask of you to enter this raffle is donate £2.00 to my just giving page here. When you do, leave a comment with your full name, come back to this blog and leave a comment again with your full name and email address if you can't do this for whatever reason email me at then enter your email address via the rafflecopter. For every £2 you enter that is an entry - for example if you donate £4 tell me and i will add another entry to the rafflecopter. But remember if you donate on two seperate occasions to add your name everytime. This makes it easier for me to track people. All payments can be made via paypal or credit/debit card and you can also text - all information is on just giving page to do this or above on the picture and at the side of my blog. Please get bill payers permission and if you are under sixteen and want to take part please get permission and of course the bill payers permission. 

Due to the nature of the raffle. It's UK only, sorry people. I am not responsible for any broken/lost prizes. This is completely for charity and i am not fussed about gaining followers, via GFC, Twitter or Bloglovin' therefore anybody can enter this raffle whether they have a blog or not. If you have trouble entering via rafflecopter email me and i will add your entry as long as you have paid the £2.00. Through just giving 100% of the donation goes straight to the charity. You can also add gift aid if your a tax payer.

Maybe your a HUGE make up academy fan or you have been dying to get your hands on a couple of the look products for like forever, maybe you have a sneaky look when your in superdrug and wish that you had one of their pieces of make up (or maybe that's just me). Have you got a friends birthday coming up or do you simply want to treat yourself. Well here is it. £2.00 and you could be in with a chance of winning this amazing price worth £50.00 and that's not all i will personally pay for the postage to where ever you are in the UK. And even if you didn't win, you can are a winner in my eyes because you donated to charity and that deserves a pat on the back. All this for just £2.00. Please help if you can.

I have left this open so you can enter everyday this is if you were to pay on behalf of a daughter or friend or maybe you decide you want another raffle ticket.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am hoping to get around £50.00 but if i can get more that would be truly fantastic. Please spread the word. Thank you very much. Get donating :)
And good luck.

30 Ways To Save £1

 Money Supermarket are running a competition for us bloggers to post our 30 ways on saving £1.00. This comes on the 30th anniversary since the one pound coin came in, all who enter their names will be put into a hat and one lucky winner will win £1000.00.

1. When washing your clothes, making sure it's a full load put them on a 30. Then hang them out to dry or put them on a maiden rather then in the dryer. Not only does it saves energy it will also cut the cost on your electricity bill.

2. Before going shopping, make a shopping list and stick to it. If you don't make a shopping list, i guarantee you either forget something or pick up stuff you don't really need.

3. When shopping look around for offers but keep an eye on the price tickets. Sometimes supermarkets can be sneaky and have the bigger bottle/pack cheaper then the smaller one.

4. Sign up for loyalty cards at shops and get collecting points - it will soon build up and then you can bag yourself some treats that are also freebies.

5. Ever wanted to try a beauty brand but can't afford it. Look out for the freebies that come in magazines you may just find that brand. And magazines only cost a few pound meaning your paying less then half the price that it sells in the shop.

6. Enter competitions for stuff you want to try/buy - you may just get lucky and that will save you ££££'s in the long run. 

7. When shopping look in the clearance section your sure to find a good bargain or two. I saved £9.00 yesterday buying fresh flowers that had to be taken off the shelf at Tesco. 

8. Instead of buying a gym membership follow an exercise DVD and get walking. This will save hundreds of pounds a year.

9. Instead of going to the shop in car or on a bus why not cycle or walk this is sure to save petrol, buying a bus pass and the environment. 

10. Make your dinner to take to work, rather then eating out. Eating out costs thousands over the year and you will save loads making it yourself.

11. Instead of buying a take away why not create your own at home this will cost less then half the price and you will get more for your money.

12. Why not try and make your own hair products. Your kitchen is full of beauty products all natural ingredient. This will save you loads.

13. Unplug your electronics and switch all lights off this will save so much electricity and cut the cost on your monthly bill.

14. Save money on gas by wrapping a blanket round you on a cold day.

15. Instead of going to an expensive salon to get your hair and nails done and other treatments, book in at your local college. Their completely qualified and not only are you helping them, your helping yourself by cutting the costs.

16. Instead of buying expensive cakes at the supermarket when it's a celebration why not try and create it yourself for half the price. 

17. Signing up to newsletters are guaranteed to save you money. With an occasional email giving you percents off and the latest sales online and ins stores.

18. Instead of spending cash on a trip to the local cinema. Swap Dvd's with friends and get some munch from the supermarket. You will save a lot.

19. When looking for a day out try and go somewhere free. Look online there's so many places out there that you can visit for free that are waiting to be discovered. Taking a picnic will cut costs even more.

20. Use orange wednesdays to cut cost on a trip to the cinema.

21. Look out for the 2 for 1 days out you can find in papers and on back of cereal boxes.

22. Make your own gift tags by cutting up old christmas/birthday cards.

23. Ask yourself do you really need that new lipstick, etc that your about to buy.

24. When having a clear out - don't throw away stuff that's still in great condition. Get a car boot sale going - these often cost peanuts on sundays and you will walk away with a few hundred. 

25. If you get the bus a lot. Getting a bus pass will cut costs.

26. Cheaper beauty products are just as good as high end ones, don't be fooled into thinking high end is better because of the price because its not always the case. Cut the cost but find an alternative cheaper brand.

27. Do a full food shop once a week rather then buying bits everyday. You end up picking stuff up you don't really need and it's also very costly. 

28. Take a drink out with you whether it's a flask of coffee or a bottle of juice. This will cut costs going to a shop and buying a drink hot or cold it soon adds up. 

29. Before settling on a price when buying something look around your guaranteed to come across a cheaper price whether its a few pounds short or in a sale. Make sure you add the delivery price on to make sure your truly saving the pennies. 

30. If going out for a meal take advantage of the places that do 2 for 1 your sure to save a good amount of money.

Here are my thirty money saving tips. I hope you find them of good use. 

Extra tip: If you need to top up on skincare/haircare or beauty products take full use of the 3 for 2 offers they have from time to time in boots, superdrugs and certain supermarkets.

Tuesday 23 April 2013

#Bootsgiveitago Hair Event

A week or so ago, two lovely girls from blogs Smooch and Really Ree held a Twitter event. The event was all about hair and sharing tips with them and also everyone else who came along for the ride. On board was Boots and Mark Hill - a celebrity hairdresser to the stars, with a huge brand of hair products (I have his ombre animal print hairdryer and i love it. It's my longest running hairdryer all my others some how manage to break.) Having trained as an hairdresser, i shared some knowledge amongst the girls and it was a dream come true to get a RT from Mark Hill himself along with a "Love this tip"

I couldn't help myself but to retweet it myself also to share my tip with my followers. So excuse my geeky behavior lol. Anyhow the whole reason for Boots being involved was the fact they very kindly sponsored the event with some gift bags of hair and beauty goodies for the best tips. With the girls who organised the event choosing of course. And i was fortunate to be one of the winners and i think this tip is what helped me mainly. 

So here it is - 

It came in a beautiful baby blue and white striped bag with the Boots logo in the bottom right hand corner. And inside was a lovely selection of Hair and Beauty products. Including brands such as No7, 17, Ojon and Bumble South.

Ojon Revitalizing Flexible Hairspray: This hairspray creates flexible hold and bouncy volume. This as ojon oil which helps keep hair healthy, full looking, alive and flows beautifully. Also is bamboo extract which gives lightweight body and bounce. Ojon revitalizing flexible hairspray is for fine, limp, flat hair.
Have never heard of this brand before, being an hairspray it's not something i am majorly excited about using but the fact it's a brand have never tried before makes it quite exciting. I use hairspray everyday to keep wispy bits at bay, sometimes i don't know why i bother maybe it's the hairspray i am using. Have introduced a serum to my hair routine and this as made it a little better. I have very fine hair, it's quite limp and craves volume but i love my straighteners but my hairs naturally straight i make it extra straight. With it being fine that makes it quite limp anyways. This according to what have read retails at around £20.00 for 265ml, i would never purchase a hairspray at that price so i am quite happy to try an expensive alternative to see how it compares. 

Bumble South (Bumble and bumble surf spray): Rekindle summer with that sexy, wild, wind-styled texture you get after an ocean swim. This is Winner of 'Best Texturiser' in the 2013 InStyle Best Beauty Buys Awards - it must be good. To use this would be quite adventurous of me, i love my hair completely straight however i will give this ago. I think since summers coming it's time for a change and since it gives you a just got out of ocean wavy feel it will be the perfect time to reach for it. The fact it adds body to fine hair is a bonus. This retails at £20.50 for 125ml, again a bit out of my price reach, hair product wise but i am glad i get to try something different.

No7 Products:

Stay Perfect Nail Polish in Jammy: I remember trying No7 polish for the first time and i loved them. Last year i got a set of four in the boxing day sales this was my second set and i felt the quality wasn't as good as previous years, i think i need to do a more thicker coat now, i swear the formula as changed or something or maybe it was the shades and the ones i bought are more sheer and lighter. This shade reminds me of Rimmel' pulsating it's a hot pink with blue undertones. I can't wait to compare them to see how similar they are together. This retails at £6.00 for 10ml. Have never tried this shade before either.

High shine lip gloss Almost Red: is a collagen boosting, moisturising gloss that glides on for voluptous smoothing shine. With vitamins that protect and care. This also as SPF 15 this will be perfect for the summer. Just put this on and i understand fully why it's called Almost Red, it's not to in your face making it perfect for daytime wear. I think it will be a great summer staple to add a bit of colour to your look. This retails at £8.50. Have not tried a No7 lip gloss so happy to have got this in my bag of goodies
 and it smells lovely.

Stay perfect eyeshadow in innocence: This apparently delivers high impact colour that lasts for hours. Innocence is a creamy quite off white shade. Not something i would wear on it's own but it will look fab to use in a smokey eyed look. This retails at £7.00.

17 Products:

Fast finish nail polish in moonstruck: This is a lovely metallic silver quite similar in colour to a Barry M foil effect i won. Again this will be good to compare and see how similar they look on the nail. This is a more affordable £2.99. 

Soft smudge eye pencil: Line those eyes with the seventeen Eye Kohls. Soft, long-lasting, and great for giving your eyes smouldering definition. This is just an average eye pencil, i think. I don't know if it's anything special until i use it. Be nice to see how it compares to my other new addition the dainty doll eye pencil it being a cheaper one. Expensive isn't always better. This retails at just £2.89.

Eyeshadow in Regal: This is a dark blue with some flicks of glitter throughout. It's really really pretty. On boots it says it's creamy but i am yet to open it. This will look great for a smokey eyed effect with the no7 stay perfect eye shadow. This retails at £3.89.

There you have it. A lovely selection of hair and beauty products. Have tried one brand before but not these products so i am looking forward to having a little play around with them all. Expect some reviews in the next few weeks or so. 

 Just thought had add this little extra on to my post. Today i went to Tesco and i noticed some flowers on a trolley quite a bit a way from where the usual flowers are placed. Then i found they had clearance stickers on due to having to be taken off the shelf. So i picked a couple up one was one of them extra special ones that usually cost £10 for less then £3 and another colourful one that usually cost just short of £4 for less then £2. All in all i bought two bunches of flowers for less then £5 which is an absolute bargain and they are still fresh and not showing any signs of dying just yet. I put them together to make this extra huge bouquet and doesn't it look stunning. And some of the flowers came with an extra special touch Sparkle Dust. I love flowers they make me smile.

Raffle? Feedback.

In the next week or so, with a little help i have come up with a great idea to raffle a HUGE prize off. With all money raised going to Pendleside hospice. Unfortunately due to the circumstances of this raffle, charity and keeping postage to a minimum it's UK only. Sorry people again. Basically i just want some feedback on the hope that i will gain some money for this fantastic charity with a lot of you entering because if only a couple do it seems a little pointless - hope you understand where i am coming from. 

Please read - You will also find more information here. You can enlarge the picture to get a better look.

When/if this starts all i want is for the public. If you can to donate £2.00 on my Just Giving page can be found here. You need to leave your full name in a message on my just giving page when/if you donate then on a comment on the post or email when/if it starts with your full name again and an email address then i can keep track of people. You then fill in an entry on Rafflecopter stating you have done this, that will be your raffle number. When it ends i will pick a winner using rafflecopter. 

£2.00 isn't a lot and in my eyes you will all be winners just for donating to this fantastic charity who truly need the public's help. But there will be one winner who will win a fantastic prize, like a truly great prize worth around £50.00 - i will tell you more when/if it gets set up. Basically your all helping a charity by entering, and whoever wins will get a £50.00 prize for only £2.00 not a lot is it but that money will build up and every little helps right? And that's not all i will personally pay the postage. If this doesn't go ahead i am going to try and sell the prize but i would rather do this fun little raffle. That's not all this prize is all about the charity, meaning you don't need to follow me via GFC, Twitter or Bloglovin' so anyone can enter, so please get the word spread. I am going to link this post up to my twitter @KateSparkleDust feel free to RT.

If you don't have a debit/credit card or paypal then you can enter via text this will be deducted from your credit or be added on to your monthly contract bill at the end of the month. Please get bill payers permission and if your under 16 please get permission if you would like to take part. All texting information can be found in the picture or at the side of my blog. 

Please comment with feedback. 
Many thanks

Monday 22 April 2013

New Box On The Block

Introducing a brand new beauty box Beautecobox.

Beautecobox isn't your typical beauty box. You can choose from three boxes, each with five emerging and luxury sized beauty and lifestyle products delivered to your door each month. I love how they give you a choice of three, meaning you can pick where ever you fancy or if you feel you need a certain product, like a scrub you can try something new. This website is relatively new with their facebook page only coming on, on the 8th of April. The website is yet to be up and running, but you can sign up to be notified via email when it's up and running here. Facebook here and Twitter here.

For now whilst they sort their beauty box out. You can sign up to be in with a chance of winning a box on Facebook and Twitter. To find out more just like and follow their pages.

Ombre Nails #2

The other day if you read my blog, you will have seen my first ombre nails that i absolutely fell in love with. The lasting power was amazing and i didn't paint for my nails for almost a week, may of even been a week. It's a record for me anyways. The ombre effect i created was quite an exotic sort of look, which reminded me of summer holidays in paradise - a secluded island. Dreaming..... Any how i thought why not do a spring type ombre look using pastel shades. This look can be used into the summer too. So here goes.

Why not bounce into spring/summer with a beautiful pastel ombre mani. 

To teach yourself to do ombre you can go back to my first ombre post here. There is also many video's on youtube. 

My mani is a complete Models Own overload, but we all love models own right so there can never be to much. I used Snow white as a base, this is lighter then a nude and a better shade for pastels, you don't even need full coverage just one coat, so the polish sticks better. I then used three shades from the ice cream sundae collection Jade Stone (green), Lilac Dream (purple) and Pastel Pink. I applied these to a make up sponge - cut up to nail size. And i applied the polish in lines over-lapping one another. And this is the effect you get. I then applied Hed Kandi - Disco Heaven and then a clear top coat. Surprisingly i didn't need as much polish as last time - i expected to use more due to the lightness of each pastel shade but they applied better then i thought. These applied in just two coats but i did a third to see the colour more. When you apply the polish to the sponge this can be used for like four nails, so your really not using a lot of polish at all. I hope you like them.

Please donate to this fantastic charity. Read the paragraph for more info. You can donate here at Just Giving. Every little helps, so if you can donate just £1 please do.
If you like my blog, please follow it via GFC, Bloglovin' and Twitter or all three. You will find tabs at the side/bottom of this page. I also have She Said Beauty. Thank you xx

Saturday 20 April 2013

Please Donate

I am now in a position to tell you, i am officially signed up to take part in the Pendleside Hospice Midnight Walk which will take place 8th of June. 

To read more about what Pendleside Hospice is about please read here.
For more on the Midnight Walk please read here.

The Midnight Walk is a ladies only event where we dress up a little and do either five or a eight mile walk at midnight. Me, my mum and sister will be talking part in the eight mile walk and we would really appreciate your donation. I know it's a lot to ask especially from someone you don't know but it's a great charity and they need as much support from the public as possible to keep the place running for people who need support or are in the final stages of illness. My mum was ill in January and ended up in hospital, it was a really worrying time but she made a full recovery and it's made us all realise just how precious and short life is and that others aren't as lucky as us and how much they need the support and help from the public and donations so they can get the on going support they really need.

If you want to donate no matter how small, every little helps. Then please go to my Just Giving page and donate here.

You can also donate via text, all sponsors will go straight to the Just Giving page. Text 70700 with PHMW50 followed by an amount of either £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, or £10. I would also appreciate if you could spread the word via Twitter/Facebook, Google+ or even write a blog post. Just make sure you link them to my Just Giving page. I will also do a tab at the side of my blog so it's easier to donate. Please help if you can even if that's by spreading the word. Thank you so much.

Ciate - Access All Areas

When i saw that Marie Claire were giving away Ciate polishes has a freebie i just knew i had to pick it up. I am a complete polish addict but Ciate is one brand i have never tried, i thought this would be the perfect opportunity too. The fact that the magazine came with a very decent sized sample of Jergens ultra healing body moisturiser was a added bonus not only have i never tried this brand i suffer from patches of dry skin from time to time so this came at the perfect time. My joy was cut short however when i went home to find my Ciate polish in the shade Pocket money - can be found here. Was broke, the bottle was unfortunately smashed and had leaked, the lid wouldn't even open which leads me to believe it had dried up slightly making the brush stuck inside. I messaged Marie Claire, who apologised and gave me an email address to get in contact from a department with in the company they then got in contact with someone from Ciate and less then a week later i received an email offering me a £9 voucher for a new paint pot as well as free delivery which costs £5.95 which was very generous of them. I was just thinking they would send another pocket money out, so it was a complete surprise and i would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. In all honesty Pocket Money isn't a shade i would normally have picked up, but it was the only one at the garage i picked the magazine up and i was dying to try the brand. 

After at least an hour and countless google swatches later i settled for Access all areas - can be found here. I can't believe how much of a struggle it was to find a shade, i was spoilt for choice and i could of picked loads. I then decided since it's spring to think summer, when i thought summer i thought orange and red. I don't have many reds so this was my shade of choice but i wanted something a little different not your average red something with a bit of a twist and bright. Then i came across Access all areas i did skip it but i just kept going back to it plus the beautiful swatches online and it was settled it was the shade i had to have. Access all areas is a beautiful matte coral orange with red tones to it. It's very vibrant almost a neon shade (bang on trend). It's the most perfect summer shade and will look fabulous somewhere exotic with a cocktail in hand. It's also a creamy matte shade, i love creamy polishes. When applying do a thick coat, obviously not to thick. Doing thin layers spoils the look with it being matte. I actually still can't believe how super fast this actually dries. Seconds i tell you. I experimented a little with a clear top coat that results in a really glossy shine and also with Ruby glitter. I actually prefer it left on it's own. I absolutely love it and definitely made the right choice. And will be buying more ciate polish' as a treat for sure.
Hopefully the new chalkboard one in the future when i have some pennies to spend on myself, dying to get my hands on it. Just have to mention delivery, i was truly impressed super quick.

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Friday 19 April 2013

My Latest Fashion Pieces

I thought had show you a few of the latest pieces of clothing have added to my kinda bare wardrobe. Firstly i got two gorgeous jumpers from Ax Paris for my birthday, have mentioned quite a few times my love for Ax Paris fashion and how they can never get anything wrong for me personally with their lovely pieces for each season. 

 I love leopard print and this jumper was just £22.99 down from £30.00 click here to buy. This is a long tunic style jumper which will look great with some leggings and dolly shoes. It's also available in brown but i preferred it in grey. It's really stylish. Again neither to thin or thick.
 I received this from my step brother for my birthday but my parents paid for it since he's not gave them the money so technically its from the parents along with the other jumper above. You can buy it here for a mere £14.99 down from £30.00  that's more then 50% off. The mini hearts is a cute, girly touch. This neutral jumper is short at the front and longer at the back the hearts are furry and feel extra soft. It's really comfy and casual, not to thick but neither to thin making it perfect for summer nights and winter days. The jumper is slightly tight round the sleeves this is completely normal but i would advise you to go one size up then your normal size. I love it, it looks great with denim jeans.

I won this from In Love With Fashion along side a hair accessory from crown and glory range on in love with fashion's website unfortunately they didn't send the accessory just the dress and despite me getting in touch on the winning status they wrote about this have not heard anything back. The hair pieces are lovely from crown and glory just wish i was able to purchase something from them at this moment in time. Anyways i am grateful i won the dress because its absolutely freakin' gorgeous. It's £36.00 and you can buy it here. It's a beautiful shade of navy blue with lovely lace detailing. You can wear this either up with heels or down with a cardy and some flats. It can be dressed for winter with tights or for spring/summer without. It's the most perfect year round dress. I think i made a great choice choosing this. I wore it at easter and i loved it. I recently bought some flats from new look that will look gorg with this dress and you can find them here. These are beautiful black patent ballet pumps with bow detailing. There's three other shades available i paid £15.99 in store but online are £19.99.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Wishlist Nails - Ciate/BarryM/ModelsOwn

I am having a bit of a melt down, not a bad melt down just a melt down of wanting every single thing in my collage. But not being able to get any of it. Thing about me is i don't tend to purchase anything for myself often at all, except foundation and matte powder when it runs out plus other make up essentials when they run out. Mainly stuff i really need, might go a little mad if there's an offer on somewhere but nothing major. Tending to leave stuff on a wishlist for Birthdays and Christmas. I don't mind going without, what's important is making sure my kids never go without food, clothes, days out and toys etc. Everything i blog about is stuff have either won got for an occasion or occasionally got a treat or a magazine freebie.

Now here i am with this magnificent wishlist first off. Ciate Chalkboard manicure - wowzer i have never seen anything like this in my entire life. The set includes one matte black "blackboard" base coat, four pens and a Ciaté Mattnificent top coat. Once the black coat has dried, experiment with the chalk pens until you're happy with your design (if you're not, the pens simply wash off with water) and then apply the matte top coat to set the look once you're ready. Who didn't like doodling at school, whether it was on a black/white board or in the back of your school books at high school and now you can do it but on your nails. And they wash off with water if your not happy with the look how freakin' amazing. Goodbye nail polish remover. These are available in Selfridges Thursday 18th (Tomorrow). Only £25 want, want, want.

Next up Barry M nail art pens - I absolutely am a huge fan of nail art. I am not very good at it but i will have ago at anything. I have nail art polishes but the reviews i have heard on these are amazing so amazing i now want them for myself. I got a nail art stamp kit for my birthday and have been left highly disappointed at the fact it doesn't work, i have tried on a few occasions with no luck have looked online and some people can do it but ALOT haven't been able too either and for this reason i haven't blogged about it. I now only wish i looked up reviews before hand but i was too excited it was the salon express one. Now these nail art pens look like the next best thing and they are available in four fabulous colours including silver, black, pink and white for £4.99 each and again want, want, want.

Lastly Models Own nail art pens in pastel shades - I am a huge fan of models own, i am forever blogging about their polish shades on here but i have never tried the nail art pens and would love to get these. These are available in five lovely shades and it's only £20 for the boxset which isn't bad they are otherwise £6.00 each. 

So there you go, my want, want, wants. I am too excited to see reviews of the ciate chalkboard kit, i am already thinking about the advent calender they did last christmas and how much i will be begging my boyfriend for it this year haha. I am such a big kid.

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Tuesday 16 April 2013

Good News

Well it's not the most exciting news but thought had share it with you anyways. My Blog is fixed i am now able to put stuff in the side sections yay. Yet after all that, my blog as kinda grown on me (the changes) and have decided to let it stay put for now at least until i get bored. You know what i am like, change my blog wayyy to much. Anyways i thought had all let you know, i actually have a my own little blog button. I managed to find a website that sort of does all the crazy letters and numbers, i just created the pic. It was hard work i tell you that but worth it. If you love my blog then feel completely free to take my button. In the next few weeks i will put up some of your blogs up too. 

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Monday 15 April 2013

Sending My Prayers

I just want to take a moment to send my prayers to them who have been affected by the explosions that have gone off in Boston. Also to the families of the three victims that were unfortunately taken and have now become angels and anyone else who loses their life. Me and many others in the UK are thinking of you. 
Much love, Kate xxx

BirchBox | April 2013

I am back again with April's BirchBox. Hope your not getting to fed up of me, three posts in less in then 24 hours. This months BirchBox is called In Bloom. I reckon it's all to do with spring beginning winter ending and flowers blooming as well as yourself. Wish i could say same for my skin, i swear it's something i am using need to cut out each product one by one until i find the culprit but for now lets talk about whats inside.

Feel free to enlarge the picture at any time for a better look.

Lifestyle extra | Birchbox Paname Paris Mirror
This is a cute little extra. Very summery with it's Let The Sunshine In design. A perfect size to pop in your handbag for them little touch-ups throughout the day. This is obviously a full-size product and costs £7.50.

WeledaSkin Food
  Birchbox says; Victoria Beckham is just one star that swears by this all-natural moisturiser which softens dry heels and elbows with ease. We love it. Full-size £8.95. I got 10ml. I can't stop smelling this it smells absolutely gorgeous, very fruity with a slight floral scents. Reminds me of summer. I am one who tends to get slight dry patches on my face but recently have been getting them on my arms too, my skin use to be perfect i am beginning to think it's me getting older or i am just going through the teen spotty stage now. Blag! 

Natio Gentle Forming Facial Cleanser
Birchbox says; An effective wash which omits traditional lathering chemicals to prevent skin feeling taut and dry. Full size £6.80. I got 20ml. Was happy to receive this, can't go wrong with a facial cleanser. 

Gerda Spillmann Renaissance Age Serum
Birchbox says; Keep up your youthful appearance this spring with this antioxidant-enriched hero serum. Add it to your routine for fresh, supple skin for all ages. Full size £69.00. I got 3ml. It's a tiny sample, but decent to the usual sachet samples you can get with other products.

La Societe Parisienne De Savons Soap
Birchbox says; Fresh scents characterise these soaps by La Societe Parisienne De Savons, and - bonus - the retro packaging will look fab in your bathroom! Full-size £8.50. I got full size these are ten euros on the official website. I love France and go on my holidays most years there so get this soap was nice. I absolutely love the natural and handmade products that come from the markets over there, everyone seems to be so talented. The soap as a very fresh scent. 

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss
Birchbox says; Add a pop of subtle colour with this sheer-but-buildable lip stick. Once you've worn your sample down, just use a sharpener to refresh! Full-size £17.50. I think this is full size, it looks like full size. I don't get what it means by use a sharpener to refresh. The product comes in a plastic pen type packaging and is certainly something i wouldn't like to sharpen apart from the fact it's way to big to sharpen. The end doesn't twist to allow more product either so for £17.50 you don't seem to get a lot of product for the money. It's also a bit of a waste of packaging if thats all you get product wise. I tried to find some info on this without much luck. You may have better luck then me if you decide to have a snoop, please let me know. Anyhow the shade was a beautiful pinky/red called Perfect Kiss and is a great shade for spring/summer. My photo doesn't see the colour at it's full potentional it is a little brighter. It does glide on really well and is quite moisturising and a little glossy. It is build-able for a more intense colour. This can be used as a cheek tint too. Update: This isn't full size, the full size product as a twisty bottom to get more product out. I still don't get the sharpen thing though. It's a waxy, glossy product in a plastic comparment. If you have an idea then please feel free to leave a comment.

All in all, i am happy with everything i got even the age serum even though i am only 22 lol. I am really puzzled about the Mirenesse lip product but i am still glad to have received this product. Once again a lovely selection of goodies from Birchbox and everything smells lovely too. You can purchase majority of the products in this months box in Birchbox e-shop and online.

What do you think? Are you as excited about the stuff in this months box.


Models Own | Another New Release

It feels like i am forever posting about Models Own and their new releases. Because there are simply amazing and these are no exception. Pastel nail art pens. Priced at just £6.00 each quite the bargain or a even better bargain with the set for £20.00 whats not to love. These nail art pens will get your nails from plain to fab with a little pastel nail art. The shades are really nice for spring/summer too. 

The pastel nail art pens are available NOW at Westfield London Bottleshop, online at Models Own and in Boots stores nationwide from Wednesday, April 17th.

I really want the Barry M nail art pens after some great reviews have seen but these are different shades so these are on my wishlist too for the future of course. Will you be getting your hands on these?