Wednesday 24 April 2013

Enter My Amazing Raffle To Win A Great Prize & Help Charity * (Now Closed)

Well my raffle came a little earlier then expected because have had some interest not from online but from the public via a couple of family members and one of them even collected some money, on that note this raffle is definitely happening.

Firstly my raffle was a sponsor after a very kind Mr MUA - as he very happily like's to be known got in contact with me and he very kindly offered to donate a lovely package of goodies that i could raffle off or sell to make money for this very good cause - i will get on to that in a minute. Therefore i would like to thank Mr MUA, Jackie and Jade who made this all happen and huge thanks to the company as a whole. Being raffled is a selection of cosmetics from Make up academy and Look beauty. Can this raffle get anymore exciting.

This is what you could get your hands on:

  •  Make up academy undress me too eyeshadow palette
  •  Make up academy pro-base complexion kit
  •  Make up academy undress your skin illuminating foundation
  •  Make up academy undress you skin shimmer highlighter 
  •  Make up academy matte perfect primer
  •  Make up academy lipstick trio - Scarlet
  •  Make up academy power pout - Runway
  •  Make up academy nail quake crackle glitter - gold
  •  Make up academy lipstick - shade 2, 7 and 12
  •  Make up academy intense colour lip liner - softly lined & pink me up
  •  Look Beauty statement eyes - Twinset & Suede 
  •  Look Beauty fat lips - snog & smacker
  •  Look Beauty double hit lip - Rose riot
That's a £50 prize how very generous. 
Now on to why this raffle is so important.

Please read - You will also find more information here. You can enlarge the picture to get a better look.
Me, my mum and sister are doing a 8 mile midnight walk with all proceeds going to Pendleside hospice. This is a charity that specialise in looking after and providing care for them with progressive or life-limiting illnesses. The 8 mile walk is a annual charity event where woman take part in and raise as much funds as they possibly can to give patients nursing and medical care as well as support family and friends of the patients. This is run by donations and events that allow people to sponsor. I think we all agree people who haven't got long left, deserve the best care. And that's why i want to help, but to help them i need the public's help and that's why this raffle means a lot so people who desperately need help get the best support and medical care they so desperately need. 

All i ask of you to enter this raffle is donate £2.00 to my just giving page here. When you do, leave a comment with your full name, come back to this blog and leave a comment again with your full name and email address if you can't do this for whatever reason email me at then enter your email address via the rafflecopter. For every £2 you enter that is an entry - for example if you donate £4 tell me and i will add another entry to the rafflecopter. But remember if you donate on two seperate occasions to add your name everytime. This makes it easier for me to track people. All payments can be made via paypal or credit/debit card and you can also text - all information is on just giving page to do this or above on the picture and at the side of my blog. Please get bill payers permission and if you are under sixteen and want to take part please get permission and of course the bill payers permission. 

Due to the nature of the raffle. It's UK only, sorry people. I am not responsible for any broken/lost prizes. This is completely for charity and i am not fussed about gaining followers, via GFC, Twitter or Bloglovin' therefore anybody can enter this raffle whether they have a blog or not. If you have trouble entering via rafflecopter email me and i will add your entry as long as you have paid the £2.00. Through just giving 100% of the donation goes straight to the charity. You can also add gift aid if your a tax payer.

Maybe your a HUGE make up academy fan or you have been dying to get your hands on a couple of the look products for like forever, maybe you have a sneaky look when your in superdrug and wish that you had one of their pieces of make up (or maybe that's just me). Have you got a friends birthday coming up or do you simply want to treat yourself. Well here is it. £2.00 and you could be in with a chance of winning this amazing price worth £50.00 and that's not all i will personally pay for the postage to where ever you are in the UK. And even if you didn't win, you can are a winner in my eyes because you donated to charity and that deserves a pat on the back. All this for just £2.00. Please help if you can.

I have left this open so you can enter everyday this is if you were to pay on behalf of a daughter or friend or maybe you decide you want another raffle ticket.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am hoping to get around £50.00 but if i can get more that would be truly fantastic. Please spread the word. Thank you very much. Get donating :)
And good luck.


  1. Aww, UK only! It's okay, I wish all the participants the best of luck, especially as it's for a good cause!


    1. Really sorry sabrina. I think sometimes make up academy get a hard time over their delivery charges. When in reality they do charge less then it actually costs. I sent something to london the other day and it cost me £6.00 delivery - this parcel is a lot heavier and they go off weight rather then the contents and my parcel to london was extremely light. I would happily open the raffle internationally if people out of the UK were willing to pay for the shipping. With it being for charity i am trying to keep the cost to a minimum :)

      Thanks for your support x

  2. Ahh, I left the comment on my donation under the name Laura Petit-Moi


    My email address is though

    I donated £5 - Do I need to put my entry into rafflecopter now, too?

    1. Thank you laura thats very generous. Yes you just enter your name and email again into the rafflecopter. Due to your donation you are elidgable for two entries. You can fill it in now and again tomorrow or you can do it now and i will do the other entry for you also. Which every easier unless you think you might forget :)

      thanks again xx

    2. No problem, I'm more than happy to help, you're doing something great :)

      I'll do it now and set myself an alarm to do it again tomorrow, I wouldn't remember otherwise, lol.

      Really do wish you so much luck with it xx

    3. Sorry I've been mightily confusing, too. On justgiving I left my name ass Laura Petitmoi so you'd recognise me, and I've put my rafflecopty as my real name Laura Pettitt - (Which I realise now you'd have recognized anyway as we see each other on fb amyway) - Sorry to be a pain, they're all me though lol xx

    4. Lol its completely fine as long as i have an email address. Well i set a target of £50 and i have got past that. Thanks for your on going support and help :) xx

    5. Done my second entry with the same email address as before xx

  3. Thanks for the chance to win your raffle and good luck with the walk.


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