Tuesday 16 April 2013

Good News

Well it's not the most exciting news but thought had share it with you anyways. My Blog is fixed i am now able to put stuff in the side sections yay. Yet after all that, my blog as kinda grown on me (the changes) and have decided to let it stay put for now at least until i get bored. You know what i am like, change my blog wayyy to much. Anyways i thought had all let you know, i actually have a my own little blog button. I managed to find a website that sort of does all the crazy letters and numbers, i just created the pic. It was hard work i tell you that but worth it. If you love my blog then feel completely free to take my button. In the next few weeks i will put up some of your blogs up too. 

But for now feel free to follow via GFC, Bloglovin or Twitter, or all three they can be found at the bottom of this page. I am also on She Said Beauty if you see the follow tab above you will find a link that directs you straight to it. Thanks a million.


  1. Hi Kate! Here's the link for the buttons, hope it works! xo

  2. Oh thanks your a star. It was hard enough doing the button. I tried earlier with the social ones with little success xx

  3. I will definitely put your blog button up, I tried creating one for myself ages ago but it was long lol and I didn't end up doing it, xoxo.

    1. Thank you chick. I recommend some sites for you to make a new one if you want, it's easier unless you were doing this before. Firstly use to add a background from online or whatever you want. You can add writing and images on here you can also resize it i recommend doing it to about 160/180 no bigger it will do the height it's self depending on what the width is. Add it to the google photo book thing that's on your own google+ you need this to add the url code for the photo to the code generator which is here add url for photo url for your blog and your blogs name and it does it all for you then copy and paste to html gadget and that's it all done :) xx

    2. Thank you so much hun! This is helpful, I will definitely do it! xoxo.

    3. Just added your button :), xx.

    4. Your more then welcome. Awww thank you. I will add yours when you get it on. xx


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