Tuesday 23 April 2013

Raffle? Feedback.

In the next week or so, with a little help i have come up with a great idea to raffle a HUGE prize off. With all money raised going to Pendleside hospice. Unfortunately due to the circumstances of this raffle, charity and keeping postage to a minimum it's UK only. Sorry people again. Basically i just want some feedback on the hope that i will gain some money for this fantastic charity with a lot of you entering because if only a couple do it seems a little pointless - hope you understand where i am coming from. 

Please read - You will also find more information here. You can enlarge the picture to get a better look.

When/if this starts all i want is for the public. If you can to donate £2.00 on my Just Giving page can be found here. You need to leave your full name in a message on my just giving page when/if you donate then on a comment on the post or email when/if it starts with your full name again and an email address then i can keep track of people. You then fill in an entry on Rafflecopter stating you have done this, that will be your raffle number. When it ends i will pick a winner using rafflecopter. 

£2.00 isn't a lot and in my eyes you will all be winners just for donating to this fantastic charity who truly need the public's help. But there will be one winner who will win a fantastic prize, like a truly great prize worth around £50.00 - i will tell you more when/if it gets set up. Basically your all helping a charity by entering, and whoever wins will get a £50.00 prize for only £2.00 not a lot is it but that money will build up and every little helps right? And that's not all i will personally pay the postage. If this doesn't go ahead i am going to try and sell the prize but i would rather do this fun little raffle. That's not all this prize is all about the charity, meaning you don't need to follow me via GFC, Twitter or Bloglovin' so anyone can enter, so please get the word spread. I am going to link this post up to my twitter @KateSparkleDust feel free to RT.

If you don't have a debit/credit card or paypal then you can enter via text this will be deducted from your credit or be added on to your monthly contract bill at the end of the month. Please get bill payers permission and if your under 16 please get permission if you would like to take part. All texting information can be found in the picture or at the side of my blog. 

Please comment with feedback. 
Many thanks


  1. Good luck Kate, just keep on tweeting about it. My friend was raising money for charity on just giving and it was hard for him even when he posted on fb and had lots of friends on there. xoxo.

    1. I need the luck because i am not having much of it sponsoring wise lol. But i think i will start looking at is as some is better then none and every little helps right. Maybe people will when they know what's coming lol. I won't hold my hopes up though. Had no luck so far, it is hard work especially in these times when everything's a struggle but i keep thinking to myself is £1 or £2 a lot to part with. I would be so grateful for any help. Not going to beg though it's not for me it's for a great charity and the donation goes 100% directly to the charity through just giving xx

    2. It'll pick up eventually but yes I agree its hard to raise money, xoxo.

    3. Hopefully with the raffle i just put on :) xx

  2. Heya.

    Don't want to post on your raffle post as it'll get all muddled. Just wanted to say, I was going to donate anyway but can't do until May so I'll do it then

    Best of luck for it and how lovely of Mr Mua for donating the raffle prize! xx

    1. That would be great Laura. The raffle doesn't end until 7th of June and the 8 mile midnight walk isn't until the 8th of June.

      Thank you for the luck. And yes it was very nice of him :)



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