Saturday, 20 April 2013

Please Donate

I am now in a position to tell you, i am officially signed up to take part in the Pendleside Hospice Midnight Walk which will take place 8th of June. 

To read more about what Pendleside Hospice is about please read here.
For more on the Midnight Walk please read here.

The Midnight Walk is a ladies only event where we dress up a little and do either five or a eight mile walk at midnight. Me, my mum and sister will be talking part in the eight mile walk and we would really appreciate your donation. I know it's a lot to ask especially from someone you don't know but it's a great charity and they need as much support from the public as possible to keep the place running for people who need support or are in the final stages of illness. My mum was ill in January and ended up in hospital, it was a really worrying time but she made a full recovery and it's made us all realise just how precious and short life is and that others aren't as lucky as us and how much they need the support and help from the public and donations so they can get the on going support they really need.

If you want to donate no matter how small, every little helps. Then please go to my Just Giving page and donate here.

You can also donate via text, all sponsors will go straight to the Just Giving page. Text 70700 with PHMW50 followed by an amount of either £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, or £10. I would also appreciate if you could spread the word via Twitter/Facebook, Google+ or even write a blog post. Just make sure you link them to my Just Giving page. I will also do a tab at the side of my blog so it's easier to donate. Please help if you can even if that's by spreading the word. Thank you so much.

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