Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wishlist Nails - Ciate/BarryM/ModelsOwn

I am having a bit of a melt down, not a bad melt down just a melt down of wanting every single thing in my collage. But not being able to get any of it. Thing about me is i don't tend to purchase anything for myself often at all, except foundation and matte powder when it runs out plus other make up essentials when they run out. Mainly stuff i really need, might go a little mad if there's an offer on somewhere but nothing major. Tending to leave stuff on a wishlist for Birthdays and Christmas. I don't mind going without, what's important is making sure my kids never go without food, clothes, days out and toys etc. Everything i blog about is stuff have either won got for an occasion or occasionally got a treat or a magazine freebie.

Now here i am with this magnificent wishlist first off. Ciate Chalkboard manicure - wowzer i have never seen anything like this in my entire life. The set includes one matte black "blackboard" base coat, four pens and a Ciaté Mattnificent top coat. Once the black coat has dried, experiment with the chalk pens until you're happy with your design (if you're not, the pens simply wash off with water) and then apply the matte top coat to set the look once you're ready. Who didn't like doodling at school, whether it was on a black/white board or in the back of your school books at high school and now you can do it but on your nails. And they wash off with water if your not happy with the look how freakin' amazing. Goodbye nail polish remover. These are available in Selfridges Thursday 18th (Tomorrow). Only £25 want, want, want.

Next up Barry M nail art pens - I absolutely am a huge fan of nail art. I am not very good at it but i will have ago at anything. I have nail art polishes but the reviews i have heard on these are amazing so amazing i now want them for myself. I got a nail art stamp kit for my birthday and have been left highly disappointed at the fact it doesn't work, i have tried on a few occasions with no luck have looked online and some people can do it but ALOT haven't been able too either and for this reason i haven't blogged about it. I now only wish i looked up reviews before hand but i was too excited it was the salon express one. Now these nail art pens look like the next best thing and they are available in four fabulous colours including silver, black, pink and white for £4.99 each and again want, want, want.

Lastly Models Own nail art pens in pastel shades - I am a huge fan of models own, i am forever blogging about their polish shades on here but i have never tried the nail art pens and would love to get these. These are available in five lovely shades and it's only £20 for the boxset which isn't bad they are otherwise £6.00 each. 

So there you go, my want, want, wants. I am too excited to see reviews of the ciate chalkboard kit, i am already thinking about the advent calender they did last christmas and how much i will be begging my boyfriend for it this year haha. I am such a big kid.

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