Monday 8 April 2013

The Host Review & Mini Haul

If your a frequent reader of my blog you would of noticed me mention once or twice about my planned mini birthday shopping spree with my other half, well part of the plan was to see The Host with some cinema tickets i won via The Barry M Beautiful Creatures competition, well considering i saw this before i won the competition i decided to watch The Host instead the Saturday just gone.

So The Host, i unfortunately didn't get too read the book due to me still reading Beautiful Chaos which is part of the Beautiful Creatures saga by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, these are beautiful books and i truly recommend them had usually of finished all four in a few weeks but lifes been hectic at the moment and it's taking me a while longer. I am still a touch gutted the film wasn't exactly like the book, it was a good film i just expected more from the book to be in the film however i truly hope there's a second since there's four books and so much more to be seen. Anyways back to the film in question The Host - I am completely unsure how realistic The Host film is to the book, but i didn't read Twilight either and that didn't fail to impress me. The fact Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight and also The Host, i didn't think twice to go and see it cause she is obviously a very talented writer. The Host is a beautiful writen story taken into the unknown of invasion and romance. It's an invasion of an alien species taking over the human body and believing all humans are nothing more then evil. Whilst some humans that remain hide out one of their own Melanie is captured and taken over by these unknown species Wanderer. But Melanie still exists deep inside Wanderer and despite wanderer being led on a path of truth by the other seekers into telling them the whereabouts of her fellow family and friends hiding spot Melanie leads wanderer on a discovery of human life, lies betrayal of the seekers/humans and romance. Can seekers live amongst humans or are they destined to be apart and humans being wiped out completely?

I don't want to give to much away on the film in case some of you wish to watch it. But that's my little bit of what to expect. 

The film as a few gory bits, but it also full of adventure, finding out about the unknown through both eyes of a human and a seeker, romance and loss. I am a sucker for anything with a bit of romance and i think the director and actors have done a beautiful job. I love also that they have introduced new quite unknown actors/actresses to play the parts. Saoirse Ronan does a beautiful job of playing both Wanda (Wanderer) and melanie that is still deep inside her and everyone else does an equally great job with fabulous acting. I highly recommend this film not only for the female but also for all males because it's an amazing journey and nothing like Twilight. I am actually hoping and have my fingers crossed for a saga.

I watched The Host at Odeon which is inside Trafford Centre which is where i went on my mini belated birthday spree. And this is what i
got - 

I got two new DVD's 
Life As We Know It with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel, kinda addicted to buying films with Josh in at the minute haha. I think Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel are both highly talented actor/actress and should be more recognised for their work. Josh hasn't been in many films but i own The Romantics, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, Life As We Know It and Transformers (all three) have watched quite a few with Katherine in but are yet to buy any apart from Life As We Know It. I got this DVD on Saturday and already have watched it twice it's that good, a complete laugh out loud romantic comedy and it was only about £6.99. Well worth a watch people. 
I also got The Lucky One with Zac Efron (yet to watch)

I went to lush and bought:
Another fun bar i have already owned the fun bar in pink, i love how much you can multi-task with this bar and with only a quarter left i decided to get the Red Bar which as mandarin and orange essential oils will make you think of sunny orange groves and freshly squeezed juice. This will make a gorgeous summer feel to a bubble bath. Click here to buy for £5.00.
I also bought a bar of The Godmother soap, i was literally in lush smelling all the gorgeous scented soaps and when i smelt the godmother i was instantly reminded of snow fairy which i love. The scent is almost identical. Prices of this vary depending on how much you purchase. 

I went to newlook and purchased these gorgeous dolly shoes. I actually have wanted to get some flats for a while now but thanks to a lousy spending ban i decided against it then i got a £10.00 voucher for my birthday and picked these beauties which cost only £15.99 altogether. I love wearing a dress when going out for a meal etc, but like to make it casual. I find heels make an outfit quite dressy whilst flats dress it down casual. You can click here to buy. Also available in three other colours. 

I then went to boots and got 
Models Own polish in snow white - wanted this for ages. £5.00
Needed some more nail polish remover
it was 3for2 and i searched everywhere for the face mask i wanted and didn't find it so got another polish A collection 2000 Bedazzled nail polish in Love Jewel for £2.99. Have never tried collection 2000 polish before. 

I also bought a few extra bits for my sister to say thanks for looking after the kids. Was nice to have a break, but i did miss them. 

Hope you had a good weekend 

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