Saturday 20 April 2013

Ciate - Access All Areas

When i saw that Marie Claire were giving away Ciate polishes has a freebie i just knew i had to pick it up. I am a complete polish addict but Ciate is one brand i have never tried, i thought this would be the perfect opportunity too. The fact that the magazine came with a very decent sized sample of Jergens ultra healing body moisturiser was a added bonus not only have i never tried this brand i suffer from patches of dry skin from time to time so this came at the perfect time. My joy was cut short however when i went home to find my Ciate polish in the shade Pocket money - can be found here. Was broke, the bottle was unfortunately smashed and had leaked, the lid wouldn't even open which leads me to believe it had dried up slightly making the brush stuck inside. I messaged Marie Claire, who apologised and gave me an email address to get in contact from a department with in the company they then got in contact with someone from Ciate and less then a week later i received an email offering me a £9 voucher for a new paint pot as well as free delivery which costs £5.95 which was very generous of them. I was just thinking they would send another pocket money out, so it was a complete surprise and i would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. In all honesty Pocket Money isn't a shade i would normally have picked up, but it was the only one at the garage i picked the magazine up and i was dying to try the brand. 

After at least an hour and countless google swatches later i settled for Access all areas - can be found here. I can't believe how much of a struggle it was to find a shade, i was spoilt for choice and i could of picked loads. I then decided since it's spring to think summer, when i thought summer i thought orange and red. I don't have many reds so this was my shade of choice but i wanted something a little different not your average red something with a bit of a twist and bright. Then i came across Access all areas i did skip it but i just kept going back to it plus the beautiful swatches online and it was settled it was the shade i had to have. Access all areas is a beautiful matte coral orange with red tones to it. It's very vibrant almost a neon shade (bang on trend). It's the most perfect summer shade and will look fabulous somewhere exotic with a cocktail in hand. It's also a creamy matte shade, i love creamy polishes. When applying do a thick coat, obviously not to thick. Doing thin layers spoils the look with it being matte. I actually still can't believe how super fast this actually dries. Seconds i tell you. I experimented a little with a clear top coat that results in a really glossy shine and also with Ruby glitter. I actually prefer it left on it's own. I absolutely love it and definitely made the right choice. And will be buying more ciate polish' as a treat for sure.
Hopefully the new chalkboard one in the future when i have some pennies to spend on myself, dying to get my hands on it. Just have to mention delivery, i was truly impressed super quick.

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  1. Hey hun, just checking up on your posts as I ain't been blogging this weekend. I love the matte look, its nice of Marie Claire to offer you a voucher and free delivery. I received some Jergens moisturisers before as I won a competition and they are really good, xoxo.

    1. It is a lovely shade. It was super duper nice of them. Have you seen the freevie in next months Marie Claire ? Xx


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