Thursday, 4 April 2013

No7 Damson Dream

I am a huge fan of No7 polishes after getting a set of five for Christmas a few years back. Christmas 12 i got these in the boxing day sales for just £5.00 for a set of four which included Damson Dream a burgundy colour. I was very excited because a few years back they were beautiful polishes and applied like a dream. But i was left slightly disappointed at the slight streakiness on application, this didn't happen a few years ago. I am unsure whether they have changed the formula or not but i remember them being creamy but these are not. However they are buildable with 2/3 coats and do have a even smooth finish. I applied Models Own Hed kandi Disco Heaven as a second to top coat and i absolutely love it. This was the first time had ever used it and it's the most beautiful gold glitter have ever used with a difference it's got these specks of blue throughout. You can see the blue specks ever so slightly but only just in the picture due to Damson Dream. 

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