Monday 15 April 2013

BirchBox | April 2013

I am back again with April's BirchBox. Hope your not getting to fed up of me, three posts in less in then 24 hours. This months BirchBox is called In Bloom. I reckon it's all to do with spring beginning winter ending and flowers blooming as well as yourself. Wish i could say same for my skin, i swear it's something i am using need to cut out each product one by one until i find the culprit but for now lets talk about whats inside.

Feel free to enlarge the picture at any time for a better look.

Lifestyle extra | Birchbox Paname Paris Mirror
This is a cute little extra. Very summery with it's Let The Sunshine In design. A perfect size to pop in your handbag for them little touch-ups throughout the day. This is obviously a full-size product and costs £7.50.

WeledaSkin Food
  Birchbox says; Victoria Beckham is just one star that swears by this all-natural moisturiser which softens dry heels and elbows with ease. We love it. Full-size £8.95. I got 10ml. I can't stop smelling this it smells absolutely gorgeous, very fruity with a slight floral scents. Reminds me of summer. I am one who tends to get slight dry patches on my face but recently have been getting them on my arms too, my skin use to be perfect i am beginning to think it's me getting older or i am just going through the teen spotty stage now. Blag! 

Natio Gentle Forming Facial Cleanser
Birchbox says; An effective wash which omits traditional lathering chemicals to prevent skin feeling taut and dry. Full size £6.80. I got 20ml. Was happy to receive this, can't go wrong with a facial cleanser. 

Gerda Spillmann Renaissance Age Serum
Birchbox says; Keep up your youthful appearance this spring with this antioxidant-enriched hero serum. Add it to your routine for fresh, supple skin for all ages. Full size £69.00. I got 3ml. It's a tiny sample, but decent to the usual sachet samples you can get with other products.

La Societe Parisienne De Savons Soap
Birchbox says; Fresh scents characterise these soaps by La Societe Parisienne De Savons, and - bonus - the retro packaging will look fab in your bathroom! Full-size £8.50. I got full size these are ten euros on the official website. I love France and go on my holidays most years there so get this soap was nice. I absolutely love the natural and handmade products that come from the markets over there, everyone seems to be so talented. The soap as a very fresh scent. 

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss
Birchbox says; Add a pop of subtle colour with this sheer-but-buildable lip stick. Once you've worn your sample down, just use a sharpener to refresh! Full-size £17.50. I think this is full size, it looks like full size. I don't get what it means by use a sharpener to refresh. The product comes in a plastic pen type packaging and is certainly something i wouldn't like to sharpen apart from the fact it's way to big to sharpen. The end doesn't twist to allow more product either so for £17.50 you don't seem to get a lot of product for the money. It's also a bit of a waste of packaging if thats all you get product wise. I tried to find some info on this without much luck. You may have better luck then me if you decide to have a snoop, please let me know. Anyhow the shade was a beautiful pinky/red called Perfect Kiss and is a great shade for spring/summer. My photo doesn't see the colour at it's full potentional it is a little brighter. It does glide on really well and is quite moisturising and a little glossy. It is build-able for a more intense colour. This can be used as a cheek tint too. Update: This isn't full size, the full size product as a twisty bottom to get more product out. I still don't get the sharpen thing though. It's a waxy, glossy product in a plastic comparment. If you have an idea then please feel free to leave a comment.

All in all, i am happy with everything i got even the age serum even though i am only 22 lol. I am really puzzled about the Mirenesse lip product but i am still glad to have received this product. Once again a lovely selection of goodies from Birchbox and everything smells lovely too. You can purchase majority of the products in this months box in Birchbox e-shop and online.

What do you think? Are you as excited about the stuff in this months box.



  1. I'd have much preferred the cleanser to the conditioner but that's not the end of the world. You'll have to post if it's any good as it seems quite affordable!

    1. Yeah i will let you know how i get on with it. x

  2. still waiting for mine lol, xoxo.

  3. Really i thought you would have been one of the first with living in London. I got it the day the announced they got dispatched on Facebook and a day before i got an email saying my parcel had now been dispatched lol. I hope i didn't spoil it to much for you. xx

    1. No its okay, I'm just annoyed to be honest. Normally if its a small package then the main delivery person will pass it to another person who only delivers the small packages. Last week I had my sons bike delivered by yodel and the man had a cheek to call my phone and ask me to come outside to get it because he was too lazy to find a parking spot and there was. I refused to and told him he can meet me at the bottom of my flat and he even said I was lucky he came that day because he doesn't like having to find a parking spot on my road, I said well its your job isn't it? Tesco and the other delivery delivers never have a problem, sorry about the long rant lol, xoxo.

    2. Haha. It's okay what a lazy person why get a job for a company that delivers if you can't be bothered delivering the goods properly. Should of got a job at a call centre xx

  4. Just thought you'd like to see this, hon, you can sharpen your lip pencil so you can get loads more use out pf it!

    1. Thanks. I saw it a moment ago will check it out later when i am on the laptop. Just come back from town i only have a standard sharpner and was going to purchase a barry m one. Kinda wish i had done now was only £2 x


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