Saturday, 27 April 2013

Naughty Blog

My blog is being a pain in the a**. Firstly it moves my stuff around again on my homepage then it decides it's no longer going to upload photos. Thankfully have had some draft posts uploaded for a few weeks but they do keep getting pushed to the back of the Que with me opting to write something else. Doesn't mean their any less exciting though lol. So please bare with me, or again the blog. 

Much Love

Money saving tip: (I forgot to mention this on my 30 ways to save a £1) If your a book worm like me, invest in a kindle. This will save you pounds in the long run, downloading books costs you next to nothing with a lot being free or less then a pound. Where as the RRP is probably a fiver if not more. The reason for this downloading books aren't charged vat. Yay for downloading books.
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