Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Technical Error #2

Just a little update. 

I don't think have ever found blogging so stressful since i started then what i have the past two days. I am no tech expert so the fact i can't resolve the issue i am having with my layout is really annoying. Yesterday my blog decided to go into melt down and change the sides to the bottom. I would say maybe a picture or a link was to big, but the fact my blog was okay with sizes and everything for a month or so means that wasn't the problem. I have changed my blog several times in the hope that it would go back to normal with no luck whatsoever which is quite disappointing. Therefore have had to change the layout completely. Therefore if you come by my blog and wish to follow me via GFC, Twitter or Bloglovin' please please please scroll to the bottom of the homepage where you will find the tabs. I am so sorry about this. I hope you enjoy the new layout and it's not to much of a problem for anyone, no dramatic changes have been made the background is still the same etc, however even that is having a slight meltdown. Hopefully it gets sorted one day but for now enjoy. 

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