Saturday, 13 April 2013

Barry M Effect | Ridley Road

When these came out i was super excited. As a lover of greens, i knew i had to get Ridley Road not only because of the gorgeous shade but because the name Ridley is close to my heart and in my family. These applied great with only two coats and the effect is amazing and bubbly something have never come across before. They actually remind me of these gobstopper bubblegums i use to get. The lasting power wow they are completely amazing, i painted them on Saturday and they are still on my nails with only three that got slightly chipped yesterday. I did how ever add a bit of sparkle to them in the name of Models Own emerald green which is a green glitter. I find that using glitter on the tip improves lasting power for me personally anyways (a tip for you). Ridley Road is a gorgeous colour for spring and will look great with any outfit. I absolutely LOVE these and need more shades. I love the uniqueness of them.

Have any of you got these in any other shades? Let me know. I would love to check them out.

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