Friday 3 August 2012


Earlier this week i thought about trying some different make up, i have a holiday in two weeks so this was my excuse for buying. Holiday make up as i call it or maybe an excuse to have a splurge on beauty products lol. Either way i had a budget of around £25.00 as i am saving for spending money. And this is what i bought.

I bought my products from

This is the second time i have bought products from fragrance direct and its a great site the first time was aftershave for my boyfriend for his birthday which is on friday of next week. And this time now, the only problems i had was i ordered some foundation also Loreal Paris Infallible long lasting foundation in vanilla, it was only £4.99 for 30ml which is unbelievable value considering i so it today in Tescos for over £12.00 for the same thing. It was in stock when i ordered it at least it showed it in stock but it wasn't the case and it was a mistake on the behalf they have now refunded the amount back to my account. I was a touch annoyed as i would after pay delivery charges for more and it wouldn't be worth my while cause it would cost around the same just to go into town to buy some. Apart from that brilliant website, for all you beauty mad people.

The price - I worked out the RRP on all my items and it came to over £80 excluding my loreal paris foundation now with RRP it comes to just under £80 worth of make up but using this website i paid around £15 and £1.99 for second class post. Some stores charge more then RRP so in reality it would of come close to £90.00. Unbelievable value will defiantly buy again.

Moving on to the products -

Loreal Paris Concealer Minerals - I paid £1.99/RRP£7.99 SAVING £6.00

I got this due to price of £1.99 the fact its suppose to be £7.99 i just thought what a bargain and put it in my online basket. I have never tried concealer before, so this will be a treat. I will update this when i have used it. When it came i just couldn't believe the size it was so small i would never have paid £7.99 for it. But at £1.99 i can hardly complain.

Bourjois Paris Powder - I paid £2.99/RRP £8.49 SAVING £5.50

I colour i got is Miel Dore, i thought this was great value for money it's a compact powder which comes with a little white sponge and a built mirror also. I won't go in much detail yet as i haven't tried this item either, but as soon as i do. I will review it here. So remember to come back. I feel it looks a little dark but it may look different once on the skin.

Ignore my Pjs lol.

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain & Balm - I paid £1.99/RRP £7.99 SAVE £6.00
 I love this, the colour is more brighter then it looks like on my skin on my lips. And when it says stain it really does live up to the name. I tried to wipe it off after applying it for the first time and it wouldn't it does eventually come off with eating and drinking after a few hours but i didn't expect it to stay on. I really do love this. I thought it maybe a bit bright for me and it does look too bright for me but my boyfriend likes the colour and thinks i suit it but maybe hes just being nice lol.
The colour is Victorian.

Balm. You apply this over the top of the colour to give it a slight glossy look, it wasn't glossy enough for me so i added a touch of vasaline you can't go wrong with vasaline. And it's a handbag must have.

Calvin Klein Powder in Light - I paid £2.99/RRP £17.99 saving £15.00

I haven't tried the Calvin Klein Powder yet, but i will do a proper review when i do. I love the colour, it's light which is good to cover over my foundation. As i have fair skin. The saving i made on this was unbelievable i just had to have it. It also has some great reviews.

Calvin Klein Delicious Pout Flavored Lipgloss in Sparkle-  I paid £1.99/RRP £14.00 saving £12.01

I wasn't sure about the colour on this but i decided to try something new and just go with it. Even more so cause the colour was called Sparkle. I am obsessed with anything that sparkles. And it sure does as you can tell by the colour on my skin. I think it really suits my skin colour and i am really happy with my purchase.

Maybeline define a lash volume waterproof mascara - I paid £2.99/RRP £8.80 SAVING £5.81

I will review this once again when i have had time to use it. Unbelievable savings once again.
Rimmel volume Booster Lipgloss - I paid 99p/RRP £4.99 Saving £4.00
I think a clear lipgloss is a handbag/make up bag must have. No need to explain the colour i think everyone knows what a clear lipgloss looks like lol. I thought it was a true bargain at 99p. When i put it on i really felt the feeling in my lip change and could feel the plump feel take hold. It was like a vibrating sensation it kinda reminded me of my mother pucker lipgloss by soap and glory but not as tingly.

I will write reviews for thing's i haven't tried when i get time to try them so please come back if you can. As you can see i found some real beauty bargain finds so check out the website, they deliver abroad also. So check out the delivery charges and enjoy shopping.

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