Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB

More Samples that came in the post this morning.

Hope it's Big enough for you to be able to read at least some of the 8 in 1


I got this in the post this morning, i love getting samples (Try before you buy) I find it so exciting. This is a 8 in 1 formula which can been seen above on the leaflet (photo) as well as a cream/foundation and even is SPF 30 protection so perfect for your holidays. This shade is light, which i happy about so i feel i could do a really good review about it, unlike my first two BB creams. I loved it, this was my fav one, i am sure it would of been Garnier if it weren't for the oily feel at the end baring in mind its suppose to be oil free. I would of loved for this one to have a lovely scent to it, but quite frankly it smelt of nothing. It blended perfectly into my skin, so you could tell it was on and it was oil free, so no shine. This is £7.99 at superdrug and is available in three other shades as well as light so that's four shades to choose from.
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