Saturday 11 August 2012

Loreal Paris - Revitalift

Another day, another sample.

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Medium Tinted

Today i got another sample in the post. Yay. Try before i buy moment :) Loreal revitalift is a 10 repair BB cream/Foundation. If you have been following my post i have been trying quite a few BB creams lately. Majority i looked like i had been tangoed, i was impressed with a few. They were just the wrong colors. This one is Multi-Perfecting Anti-Ageing Moisturiser. I have yet to try it on my face yet but i did have a little sneak peak on my wrist as well as rubbing it, clearly couldn't wait. When i looked at it on my wrist i thought i was going to face disappointment once again with the color. But on my wrist i was quite surprised it blended with my skin tone really well and felt so smooth, in fact you could hardly tell it had any BB on. The bonus is it smells lovely as well. If it is the same on my face as it is on my wrist i will be very very happy. This also as suppose to give you perfect skin and keep you looking younger, i am only 21 and look younger then my age apparently so only time will tell haha. But i will keep you posted when i try on my face some come back soon. 

The prices range very differently

At boots it's usually £14.99 currently on offer at £9.99 (If unavailable at boots or sale ends check out its always £10.50 and its free delivery too)

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