Wednesday 8 August 2012

2012 Olympics

I am not usually a sporty person, but i couldn't help but talk about the Olympics in my blog. As i say this blog is more then just beauty. I am supporting Team GB all the way, i can hardly support another team when i am living in Great Britain lol. I am so proud to be British right now, Team GB are doing amazing, ranking third on the score board. The opening ceremony was fab and i am sure when it ends on Sunday it will just be as fantastic. I actually can't wait for the ending because there are suppose to be some great acts performing, have heard the spice girls could well be there, and as a girl born in the 90's i can't think of anything better. I am glad to be able to watch before i go on holiday.

What do you like about the Olympics so far? I can't choose a best bit, the entire thing as made me feel so proud to be from a fab country.

What team are you supporting?

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