Sunday 29 July 2012

Loreal Paris Elvive Nutri-Gloss Crystal Sparkling Shampoo & Conditioner

I was fairly Surprised to Receive this through the post as i wasn't expecting it at all, turns out it was another win from the many competitions that i enter that i just happened to completely forget about.

I was so happy though because it basically meant another hair beauty product to write about on my wall, i love trying new things especially when there free, because its a guilt free treat. Especially with having two kids. So i decided to use them this morning, instead of my usual tresemme. So this is what it says in the title Loreal Paris Nutri-Gloss Crystal Sparkling shampoo and conditioner which is a sixty second saviour intensive conditioner. I was very excited when i put the amount i needed into my hand as it had glitter in and i love anything that is glittery and sparkle so it does have little crystals in it. As it says in the name. Which i thought was pretty cool lol.

The shiny things that look like glitter are the crystals in the shampoo. If you can see.

The shampoo and conditioner i received was for fine to normal, dull hair. Which was fantastic as mine is pretty fine. After shampooing and conditioning my hair and dabbing it with the towel, i could smell the shampoo, it's not a very strong smell and it's not got a certain smell to it that i can describe, but it's likeable. If i am honest the smell could of been slightly stronger, because there is nothing nicer then your hair catching the wind and being able to smell the loveliness of the shampoo as it whiffs around. It was tangle free which was good as sometimes your hair can be a touch knotted after washing it. After drying it with a hairdryer this is when i really noticed the results of my hair wash and it was fantastic. It was like going to the salon and getting your hair washed sort of feel which is not what you always get at home even with some of the best shampoos out there, i am completely impressed. My hair smells amazing and is very soft and salon like. And my hair feels and looks really healthy, I can't find anything negative about it and i will most defiantly buy more in the future when i run out as it's well worth the money at the shop even though i was lucky enough to win these gorgeous must have shampoos. My locks are now all glossy :) The shampoo for 400ml from boots is £3.89 and the conditioner for 200ml is £4.99 from boots but currently on offer with a third off the price for £3.33.


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    1. Thank you for your advertisement. How ever this as nothing to do with the post that is available for people to look at. This post is available for people to comment on individually but only when its related to the post. Therefore please do not write information that makes no sense on my blog. I don't want people getting confused with info. Thank you enjoy your day.

  2. Cute blog cute pic. Quick question does it leave your hair glittery?

    1. Thanks. No it doesn't leave the hair glittery but its a great shampoo and conditioner. My fav at the moment :)

    2. I tried it this morning it was fine was scared when I squeezed some on my hand last night it looked really glittery. Smell is awesome. I normally use Herbal Essences Hello Hydration but Tesco was sold out of it.

      In respond to your comment since it disappeared lol.

      I am glad you had a good experience, i won these but i bought more at asda it was only £4.00 for shampoo and conditioner the conditioner was slightly different to the one in the box, despite it being the same label etc which was £4.99 i was shocked at the price and thought it was cheap considering it was almost £8.00 in boots for the same lot. Maybe you have better luck with your usual shampoo next time, but it's always good to try something new. The glitter is invisible to the eye, you don't even notice it.

  3. I tried it this morning it was fine was scared when I squeezed some on my hand last night it looked really glittery. Smell is awesome. I normally use Herbal Essences Hello Hydration but Tesco was sold out of it.


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