Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nivea Soft

I recently ordered some clothes for my sister from asos and these little Nivea soft samples were in the parcel when they arrived. So i thought i would try them out and write a post. I prefer being able to try a little tester before purchasing as in recent years, my skin as been super sensitive, for the last couple of months i have been trying Nivea products and i can feel the changes within my skin already. This is a all over body cream, but i choose to just use it on my face. As it was a small sample i wanted to benefit from it so wanted to use a small area on my body. I am very pleased with the product, it's not at all oily like some creams can be and smooths right over the skin, leaving it super soft. I put it on before bed and leave it on all night and it drys into the skin. I had a few spots and spots are just a no no  and i even found they went. I am so happy with my sample i think i am going to buy myself a tub, it's defiantly a beauty must have. For 300ml it's usually £6.02 at boots but is half price at the moment for only £3.01 so now is the time to buy.

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