Sunday 8 July 2012

Tresor Paris

I am really loving the collection of Jewellery available at Tresor Paris, there very bright and colorful and all the celebs are wearing them. I was fortunate to win mine, i also won some union jack earrings and i am very pleased. The one i am wearing is Remalard for £149. To be in with a chance of winning one of these beautiful bracelets, like there page on facebook they quite frequently have competitions running. They have so many great items on there page i could buy loads. (Sorry about blurred pic) Also please watch out for fakes as there are a lot being sold!!


  1. Wow how lucky were you winning that, it's gorgeous!xxx

  2. I really was, have wanted this bracelet for a while now but could never get together the £149 to buy one. There expensive but well worth the money as the jewellery is stunning, and the little gems are crystal as well. They really shine and glimmer in the light which i love and i love anything that sparkles lol. They have some other fantastic pieces a lot cheaper as well. Phone charms, belly bottom rings, rings, necklaces etc. They have another competition on now, ends tonight though so like there page on facebook if you can. They do them all the time. xxx

  3. Thank you. I am only just setting my blog up so i am glad you like how its going so far. I will check yours out and add you as soon as i get on my laptop. Thanks oncw again :) xx


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