Friday 6 July 2012

Rimmel - Crack Your colour - Crazy topcoat

Yesterday i were in Tesco's buying my make up and i was pleased to see the 3for2 deal was on Rimmel Products. I was reading through a avon catalog the other day and came across a cracking crazy top coat and i was pretty impressed with the results i saw on the model. And really wanted to buy it so when i so the 3for2 in tesco's and so this i couldn't resist the temptation and bought it. I tried it on a hot pink and it came out pretty good i was really impressed. So last night i painted my nails red and put the rimmel crack your color crazy top coat in black graffiti. I love it but i am also unsure of it, if that makes any sense lol, there is also three other colors available so i think i might try and silver next time and see how i feel with a different color. It's a good top coat, does everything it says it does as you can tell in the picture. Will i use it often, probably not. Will i buy in this color again, i don't think so. Going to take some definite getting use to i reckon. It's £3.99 it most stores.

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