Friday 20 July 2012

Ohhh so Nivea

As i said i would i decided to Get the Nivea Soft in a bigger tub after trying my samples, it's been around a week now and i have never been so impressed with a body cream before. I only use it to my face and my skin is super soft. This is just my fav at the moment i love love love it, it was on offer at boots for £3.01 the original price is £6.02. I find sometimes boots can be a bit more expensive then the supermarket, but it makes it more worth while if you have a advantage card as you can save points and build them up buying free goodies when you have enough. Either way if you do go into boots and it's not on offer i wouldn't buy it as it's alot cheaper at the supermarket, for example at tescos without it being on offer it costs around £3.70 all the time. I forgot i actually got a voucher with my sample so could of made a further saving, not that i am bothered this Nivea soft is so good i didn't mind paying the bit i could of saved.
Whilst i was at boot's i went in to buy some more Nivea Visage Natural Beauty Face Wash, it's just my luck that everytime i go to buy something it's not in the shop lol. Luckily i decided on a alternative Which was from Nivea Visage range again. It's a daily essentials gentle cleansing cream wash. I haven't used it yet, as i still have a bit of the natural beauty left to use but when i do i will update this status. If your wondering why i have two, it was two for £4.00 at boot's which was a really good bargain as there suppose to be around £3.70 each, so now is the time to buy.

So i thought i would update this - 03.08.12
Finally got round to using my new daily essentials gentle cleansing cream wash, because my other one ran out. And i love it, it's even better then the natural beauty face wash which i didn't think was possible. It's so creamy and soft against my skin and it smells gorgeous. I will be sticking to this one in the future i think unless i try new products which i probably will. Such a good but for being two for £4.00.

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