Friday, 6 July 2012

I love the zebra print look, but i also like to experiment with colors. So on the first picture i used Technic silver nail polish its quite a big bottle and it was only about £1.49 which was a total bargain and it comes with glitter to sprink on your nails. I got it from a beauty shop in blackburn, it sells some real beauty bargains but i am unsure of it's full name as i have had this polish for quite a while. In fact it's running out which i am totally gutted about as it's a really good nail varnish. I used Rio professional nail art in pastel colors for the stripes.

The second picture i created the look again, but stuck to minimum colors i used as you can see in the picture beauty uk hot pink. I have explained before that beauty uk are selling a set of three for £5.99 all different colored pinks i am going over this again as there doing it for a great cause, £1 from each sale will be donated to cancer charity so i urge you to buy them there fantastic colors and are really great nail varnishes. They want to be able to raise £50,000 in a year and need your help to do so. I again used the rio professional nail art in silver to create the stripes. I love the effect :)
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