Wednesday 18 July 2012

She Said Beauty

Look what i received this Morning, my very first She Said Beauty Box I was so excited to open it and i was far from disappointed when i did. I am currently on a monthly subscription for £9.00 a month plus £2.95 P+P. They are also subscriptions for three months for £27.00 plus £2.95 P+P, six months £54.00 plus £2.95 P+P and a year which currently as 15% off normal price is £108.00 down to £91.80  plus P+P of £2.95. Obviously the longer the subscription you choose the more money your going to save in the long run. As it was my first time i chose to go for the monthly option, to see what it was like as i can cancel at any time unlike the rest. I am going to upload some pictures of the items i found in my she said beauty box of goodies. And i was so impressed as the items i found were a lot more expensive then what i paid for the box as a whole.

 The packaging was excellent and pretty, it came in a pink parcel box and then inside was another box as you can see and then wrapped in pink tissue with a lovely pink ribbon.

 I was so happy with my goodies, some were samples and some were full size which is great for sampling before going out and buying the full size if i like what i get.
I love this file, usually i hate them as the file feel makes me cringe when buffing my nails. But this surprisingly didn't. The shape is very unusual as the ones i have had bought and come across are usually straight and this really does do the curve your nail should have. Giving it a natural shape. This is defiantly my best beauty buy of July's beauty box. I recommend you all go buy one :)

I used this yesterday as i was fairly impressed, i don't usually use Bronzer/Blusher as part of my daily make up routine so this was really a first timer for me. I know miners isn't a well known make up brand, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't try them because this was just as good as a well known make up brand. These currently sell at £4.99 online on the miners official website. The colours are very soft and natural and blend in really well, i am very pale so baring in mind the lightest colour foundation is an ivory on the wake me up section with rimmel, which is still not very light but its the best foundation i have tried i  use a peach glow matte powder as well to lighten it. I like that it isn't noticeable like some blushes and blends right in to my normal make up. I think being able to see it slightly it the whole point but considering i don't usually use a blusher as part of my routine i thought it was really good.

Its a small sample but you get a lot out of it, i used it once and i no that i am going to get a lot more then a few uses out of it. I am only going to test it on my face once again as i think for a all body thing it is to small to see the effects and at least it will last a while as well. I can honestly say i do not like the smell, i find it very sickly like one of them horrible house sprays you can get. Some are nice others aren't. But at least the cream does the job, it's a nice little moisturiser and my skin feels really soft. I can't see myself using it often as a day cream maybe now and again as the smell isn't very nice to me so i defiantly won't be buying it. I feel as though if your going to have something like this you need to tolerate the smell. Enough about the smell anyways, you can always test it for yourself as your opinion maybe different to mine. Its £12.99 for 50ml on Layla D's Natural beauty. Layla D - Natural Beauty

So tonight i used this Anti-Aging prep and polish exfoliant anti-age cream, i won't be buying anytime soon as i am only 21 i like to think i am very youthful still and not needing the anti-aging treatment as of yet lol. When i put it on it was quite tingly, as it as exfoliating ball things in it's what i always expect. I thought personally the sample was too small as i like to be able to try something for a few days especially a cream, i did the circulating movement after putting it on then swilled it off with water and the sensation i felt after drying my face was so surreal it literally felt like my face was frozen as though i had put my entire head in a bucket full of ice cube lol. I think i may buy it when i am a little older, but i would after try some other anti-aging creams before hand, to compare.

I found this to very thick, maybe to thick for my liking. I need to experiment some more with it. But it does what it should do, the colours very bold so you can tell it's on. A very good beauty buy.

If your into beauty products like me, i think this is a fantastic way to test out new beauty products as well as find thing's with a label you have never heard of. I Haven't looked to much into what i got as of yet, but when i do i will for sure give a full report on each individual thing. I am already looking forward to next months :) There are more products then this available for July's box, they choose for you but it makes it even more fun as it's a great surprise. So everyone's is different unfortunately you won't be able to get July's box as they sold out so if you subscribe now you will get august box. If your interested please follow this link this invites you to join if you wish to do so as well as look into it some more. You have nothing to lose especially for less then £12 a month including P+P go, go, go :) Enjoy x


  1. Wish it was possible to get boxes like that in Norway :// I like your blog - new follower ♥

  2. Thank you so much. I will add you on my laptop later. Hard work on my phone lol. Aww what a shame. Have you tried checking google for this sort of thing in norway? Its a fantastic idea for beauty lovers. Its a shame she said beauty don't deliver abroad. At least i don't think they so. Xx

  3. I just looked for you. The bad news is they don't yet deliver abroad apart from ireland the good news is there hoping to do so and are looking into it. You should like there page on facebook if you have an account therefore your updated with all there news for when/if this changes. They also have a twitter. She said beauty :)


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