Friday 20 July 2012

Charlie co. Shoes

I am just loving the Charlie co. Shoes  Website, I don't yet own anything from there range, but i can't help but admire there collection of shoes, dresses, bags, accessories and kids stuff. I am such a girly girl and love anything that sparkles that's where the inspiration from my name came. Like them on facebook and twitter as they run competitions also. There range stands out at me because it's different to what you can buy on the high street and so unique and it's nice to be different and that's what you get with charlie co. shoes. Defiantly check them out and get spending you won't regret it there stuff is awesome. Not to mention a lot of effort as gone into there products as it's all done by hand. They deserve some credit and that's why i wrote this post. Love them <3


  1. I love allllll of the shoes on this site!!! Great Job Guys!!!

    1. You can't fault them. I wish i had a pair but i can dream and admire, when i get married i know where im going :) xx


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