Tuesday 10 July 2012

Went A Bit Mad!!!

Today i went really mad and bought not one but sixteen nail varnishes. The boyfriend was not impressed lol (Suppose to be saving for a holiday) But i couldn't resist, especially with the prices.

(Sorry about the picture it won't go other way lol)
So i got these all from bodycare in blackburn. Technic aren't the biggest label of make up and personally i haven't tried there make up products but the nail varnishes are fantastic and so cheap. I bought the bigger one's for 99p each and the smaller ones came in packets of three for £1.49/£1.99. (Insure due to sister stealing the receipt but it's one of them) Still whatever the price that is still a bargain so i couldn't resist getting all six colours in two packs of three. I have painted my nails since buying them to test them out and i am very pleased with my purchases, the brushes on the white, gold, purple, pink, black and silver are small enough to do some patterns but not small enough to do very fine details so i defiantly would recommend buying the rio professional nail art. The bigger bottles of technic polish glittery pink and glittery blue are more of a top coat, i bought these not knowing that so i was slightly disappointed as it doesn't say top coat on the bottle, but there nice enough to use as a glittery top coat so i will get my use out of them. 

After buying my ten new nail polishes from bodycare, i went and did a food shop at asda then went to B&N for some bits. I so these at bargain prices also and couldn't resist the temptation after buying the rimmel cracking top coat i wanted to buy some other colours, there not rimmel just a cheap version of them. I used the hot pink colour on one nail and i was completely disappointed, the cracking didn't work, it was sticky and clumpy and i won't be buying it again. I got the same product in two other colours, i haven't used them yet but i don't have high hopes. These ones were also £1.49 each, i defiantly wouldn't recommend them but if you do decided to purchase i hope you have better look then me. I also bought some thin pens, they say thin but there not that thin they were also 99p i got them in hot pink, pink and a black, there not to bad but the brush is a bit thicker then i would of liked.

So my thoughts are i will go to body care again for my nail varnishes with technic but will never purchase again from B&N for nail varnishes, and for any patterns buying rio professional nail art is the way forward. Will be asking for more for christmas from that range, as i promised my boyfriend i won't be buying no more for the year. Something i probably won't stick to hehe, too addicted!!

Still i decided to show you some of the new nail varnish on my nails, i couldn't decide on anything so just did loads of mixed up styles therefore i could test my new nail varnishes. 

Sorry about the glitter all over the skin it's from one of the glitter top coats.


  1. I have one of those 3 pack of nail art ones from Technic! Amazing value! :) Lol I laughed when I saw you'd bought 16!xxx

    1. I truly agree, the techinic nail varnishes are really good :) Lol i love nail varnish, steve had shock horror on his little chops!! I make a promise i won't stick too lol. I went out and bought zero of what i needed to get, everything i bought was for me. Which is a first but i went out for wrapping paper and clothes for maisons birthday plus few bits for holiday lol xxx

  2. Also i will be sticking to rimmel cracking top coat, i like it with a pink cover and black cracking top at over it. But i did waste money on three varnishes that don't do what they say they do. Annoying!!!


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