Saturday, 9 February 2013

MUA Haul #4

This is my fourth order from Makeup academy. I am such a MUA addict right now, incredibly pigmented make up at such an affordable price. Whats not to like. My collection is getting pretty big, but not as huge as some of the orders have seen on MUA's facebook page. This was my order from the 50% off offer. I only waited less then a week to receive it baring in mind i am UK bound like the company. People have complained about the lack of tickets with queries being answered, but i think the MUA team have been incredible. And the paypal issue was due to high demand no fault of there own. I got charged triple payment but was knocked off the site during processing payment twice. They sorted it out and my money was refunded just over a week from payment being taken. I think people should bare in mind, they have little staff to the 5000 queries they received during sale time. I think some customers were a little demanding in this time and should work with them not against them and just give them a little time. 

What i ordered -
LipBoom: Doin good & Vibe - £3 each (I paid £1.50 each)

I had Doin good before and i loved it so much i bought another. I decided to try another colour Vibe. Vibe is orange matte lipstick with brown undertones. They both come with a lipgloss that creates a shine and some extra sparkle to the lips. They smell strongly of vanilla. To buy click here.

24 Shade Immaculate Collection Palette - £8.00 (I paid £4.00) To buy click here.

Immaculate palette comes with 24 highly pigmented shades. With a whole bunch of shades to choose from, there's plenty to keep your look going from day to night. With neautral, pastel and dark shades it's the perfect palette. Most of the shades are matte but there's some shimmery metalic type shades too.


*Click picture to enlarge*

12 shade glitterball palette - £4.00 (I paid £2.00) Click here to buy.

 L-R top row & bottom row of palette.

Again highly pigmented shades with matte and shimmery metallic type shades. A beautiful glamorous palette. I think it's the perfect palette for night time look. 

Mosaic blusher english rose - £2.50 (I paid £1.25) click here to buy.
 I will do a separate review on both this and the bronzer below, i am yet to try them.

Mosaic Bronzer sunkissed glow - £2.50 (I paid £1.25) Click here to buy. Also available in Natural Glow.

Kiss proof lip stain in fruitilicious - £3.00 (I paid £1.50) click here to buy. Also available in two other shades kissalicious and fabulicious.
 I love these, one of the best lipstains have ever used and also the cheapest. Very highly pigmented and i wore mine from 1.30pm until 11.30pm when i removed my make up and it was still on ever so slightly. They smell floral and fruity.

L-R All Nude, Mud pie, Pistacio IceCream, Frozen yogurt.
A good pigmentation for a incredible price of just £1.00 each (I paid 50p each) These are some of the newbies to the £1.00 range and i love that mua have started giving there products names instead of shade 1/2 it makes it that bit more exciting. Click here to find all the different shades available.

This is my entire mua collection so far. Build up over 4 orders and a few purchases i made from superdrug. Not the biggest collection considering some of the first orders have seen on facebook. I made some orders at full price too.

Anybody seen the new products from MUA go to their facebook here and check them out (Some are trial price). Where you will come across the highly recommended Undress me too palette which is available to buy here for only £4.00 and is a dupe of the naked 2 palette. Also suppose to be the best seller for 2013 from mua. Have never tried naked 2 which is £36.00 but have heard great things. But undress me too is a great alternative to them who haven't got a spare £36.00 to spend on a palette with a incredible saving of £32.00.

Taken from MUA facebook.

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